Aaron Carpenter

Music in the making....

First off.. how beautiful is she😍 she’s just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. Happy Birthday to my Best friend who also happens to be my girlfriend🐿 i love you @connarfranklin ❤️
Jusss a couple guys bein dudes at the Griffith observatory
Thank u everyone for the sweet birthday messages❤️ making the first day of being 20 amazing. Love you all so much!
Happy Saturday ✌🏼
Missin this lil guy
Where else would i be
When the red light is longer than 3 seconds
Back to La today Hate leaving them :( gotta visit @dustynmichael next 😁
Home :)
i <3 u
Turn 20 soon... 😬😬😬
Preparing for a water bottle flip
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