Aaron Carpenter

Music in the making....

Happy birthday @beckyanderson1 ❤️ i love and miss you so much every day! Wish i could be with you!!
2018 has been an insane year & 2019 is gonna be even more insane. I’m more than excited to catch you guys up to speed on everything I’ve been up to this year! Won’t be waiting much longer 😜 here’s to an amazing year ahead!! **ALSO** everyone whose stepping out the house tonight be safe, responsible & have fun!!
Just landed back in Lala land🌴
Hello :)
Snow tubing for the day😇😇
This lil guy got his tonsils out this morning :( can’t wait to come back home and see u Grey!
Luv California
Grew up being obsessed with fishing & Never thought I’d have the opportunity to go ice fishing 😍don’t worry i put him back :)
I’ve been living in California too long😂😂 got me forgetting how the cold weather actually feels
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