Abandoned World

The original #abandonedworld The worlds urban decay. Email us your photos for a chance to be featured.

Forgotten in the forests of Japan | Photo by: @8st | #abandonedworld
Apocalyptic Grid Lock | Photo by: @vacant_photography | #abandonedworld
“Entrance tunnel leading down into a long abandoned copper mine in Cyprus. Only the first 200m were accessible as the mine had been sealed by explosives” | Photo by: @forgottenheritage | #abandonedworld
The Pripyat Ferris wheel sits motionless as it has since Apr 27, 1986 following the evacuation orders that left Pripyat abandoned. These evacuation orders were the result of the Chernobyl disaster that occurred on Apr 26, 1986 which left Pripyat uninhabitable. | Photo by: Sean Gallup | #abandonedworld
“High on the moors to the north of Grassington in Yorkshire are an extensive area of ruins that once formed an important lead mining industry, known locally as the Yarnbury lead mines. There are several surface buildings that remain here but most interesting are a series of subterranean flues that connect to a smelting chimney. The flues are buried just below the surface of the moor and were designed to carry the smoke from the smelting process away from the chimney. As the smoke cooled, the lead would condense onto the cooler stone walls of the flue where it could be removed, washed though and collected. Many of the flues are still there and make for some great photography.” | Photo by: @forgottenheritage | #abandonedworld
A boiler left in a long forgotten factory | Photo by: @andreosbafinger | #abandonedworld
Wilders Folly on the outskirts of reading, UK. | @forgottenheritage | #abandonedworld
The long forgotten first class cabin of an abandoned nmbs 620 series train in Belgium | Photo by: Unknown (Brian) | #abandonedworld
This is the Hovrinskaya Hospital. Construction on the hospital began in 1980, with a planned capacity of 1300 beds. It wasn’t long after in 1985 that construction was suspended. No exact reason is known as to why construction was suspended, but there is speculation that it was the result of either lack of funding, or due to soft ground under the building causing instabilities. | Photo by: Unknown | Photo Via: LiveJournal.com | #abandonedworld
A derelict bowling alley awaits visitors that will never come | Photo by: @thirdeyefoto | Photo Via: The Sun | #abandonedworld
An abandoned embalming room sits rotting away | Photo by: Matt Van Der Velde @thirdeyefoto | #abandonedworld
A forgotten house sits abandoned under the night sky | Photo by: Unknown | Photo via: wallup.net | #abandedworld
The abandoned Chateau Lumiere. This grand chateau was built in the early 1900’s for a wealthy Swiss tobacco tycoon. The chateau was used as a primary residents until the 1950’s when it was sold by the family. Following this, the chateau was used for business purposes for several years before being juggled between several owners until its abandonment. | Photo by: Benjamin Wiessner | #abandonedworld
''The wonderfully atmospheric Wisbech General Cemetery. This roofless ruin of what was once a chapel is surrounded by a tangle of brambles and thicket. Crumbling gravestones protrude from the undergrowth at off kilter angles.'' | Photo and caption by:@forgottenheritage | #abandonedworld
''A beautiful staircase in an empty Belgian townhouse. Local children could be heard playing in the grounds outside and when I looked they were approaching the front steps as a group and then turning suddenly and running away in fits of laughter. This was obviously the local haunted house! (@forgottenheritage , 2017) | Photo by: @forgottenheritage | #abandonedworld
This is the abandoned Chateau de la Mothe-Chandeniers. The Chateau was built in the thirteenth century as a strong hold. In 1809 the Chateau was bought by Francois Hennecart who restored it to its original glory after it was destroyed during the French Revolution. It was in 1932 that a fire broke out while its owner at the time was in the process of installing central heating, leaving it in its current condition. The Chateau still sits in ruins. | photo by: Infraredd | Via: Pinterest | #abandonedworld
"In 1970, on April 19, the first 6 VAZ 2101 cars left the main assembly line. The car and its modifications received the name "Zhiguli", named after the mountains near Togliatti." Photo & caption by: @_filipp_n #abandonedworld
An amazing hallway hidden within a long forgotten Manor | Photo by: @forgottenheritage | #abandonedworld
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