AB de Villiers

South African Cricket player

Exciting times! A taste of our very own wines in Incredible India. If u get your hands on a bottle please let us know what u think @firstxiwines
Quick bite in Katakolon, Greece. Last few days of what has been the most amazing trip ever with @danielledevilliers and fam
Lake Garda, Italy. Food for the soul
@pumasouthafrica @puma I don’t know how, but you just keep getting better!
Now this is something not to be missed! @karen_zoid and co. Can’t wait!
My challenge to all individuals and teams competing in Sport.. Respect in Sport Pledge: As sportsmen/women we realize the importance and responsibilities we have as role models to make a difference. We embrace our role in society and commit to use sport to change lives and to inspire people to be Champions in life. We shake hands before and after matches as a sign of Respect to our opponents and to challenge them to be at their best. We commit to play hard and tough but within the rules of our Sport. We all support the Handshake Challenge and lets all play our role to make this a better world #handshakechallenge #respectinsport https://youtu.be/fuhNHcOQdmc
Great to meet Leo Sadler... A young man with a big heart and plenty of character. Full story on Breakfast with Martin Bester @jacarandafm ....#jacabreakfast
Thanks to all our fans for always standing right behind us! #RCB
It’s OK to be on the road again! 1000’s of hours on the road, 100000’s of miles in the air, 6-8 months away from home every year #OneObsession @oakley
Was good fun catching up with my all-time Cricket hero and good friend @JontyRhodes8 on What the Duck 3. He still remembers the score of the game of tennis we had played ;) Thanks for having us on the show @vikramsathaye Watch us here: https://youtu.be/Jd423zcEnvo #WhatTheDuck3
A few of my thoughts on our next game against #srh A must win for @royalchallengersbangalore Full video in the AB de Villiers app - link in Bio!
To my amazing wife, the rock of our family, happy #mothersday ! You are the most amazing person I know and us 3 boys are so lucky to have you around. Thanks for every ounce of energy spent to keep us afloat! Love u to bits @danielledevilliers
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