fresh flowers, coffee shops and ♡

I’ll have a latte from @neptunekiosk please and a good ol’ sunbathe ☀️ Oh wait ✋🏼 I’m in England 😭 Take me baaaaack...🛫🇦🇺
It’s finally starting to feel like Spring! Planning the next chapter...✨
Missing paradise as per on this Monday morning in England. Back to the daily grind...💭
I count my blessings and thank my lucky stars that I found someone with such a beautiful soul to adventure with in this journey we call life ❤️ Thankyou for being you. Until June Mr Simat...🌏🥂
HAPPY HUMP DAY 🐪 #wednesdaywisdom
The cave you fear to enter often holds the treasure you seek. Be C O U R A G E O U S ❤️ Show strength through adversity and fight those feelings that are holding you back 💫 Some Monday motivation for me and if you can relate there’s some for you too...🤸🏼‍♀️
@blackboardcoffee helping to brighten up our morning whilst stuck in commuter traffic ☕️ What an incredible day it’s been for the 1st day of Autumn on the Gold Coast ☀️🇦🇺
Happy Hump Day 🐷 #friendsnotfood
Good Morning Monday 😴 Already dreaming of coffees and cakes...
❤️ Happy Valentines Day!
From where I’d rather be...😴☕️
Getting sick of the heart ache that comes with missing this beautiful country and those living in it ❤️ Coastal living and a forever summer is calling my name...
Even after @stephwinlow and me demolished afternoon tea I still couldn’t resist two cheeky crumpets topped with smashed avocado, mushrooms and egg 👅
A little throw back to that early morning, middle eastern haze before departing for Australia with @emirates 🇦🇺 An endless summer awaits...🛫☀️
Happiness is a good cuppa coffee and a MASSIVE slice of this Crunchie choccie cake, 😋 It made my day off from work even better!! Check out my new blog post on my future plans by clicking the link in my bio or go to www.abscondedblonde.com ❤️ Two artists kept the creative juices flowing today, @mattdimona with Old School Turntables and @lane8music with No Captain! Both were on repeat 🕺🕺Enjoy!
Doing what he does best ❤️ check out @jasonsimat and his YouTube channel (link can be found in his Instagram bio) for drone vids and some glorious photo footage! Only 6 WEEKS ‘til more adventures 🤫
This cheeky face just happens to be my favourite. I can’t wait to share some more hammocks with you ❤️
Take me back to the days of sunshine and salt water ☀️💦 I miss you 🇦🇺
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