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Justin Giles at UA! @gracieplath enjoying dancing with the AOD girls that came to visit! @sydney.elizabeth5 @amberkanee we see you working it out! #aodlivethelegacy #futurewildcats #artistryqualitycharacter #aodalumni #aodproud
UA Invitational Showcase!! Congrats girls! We are so proud to have you represent AOD out west in Tucson!! @jbake13 you are one in a million - a fantastic encore of “Beggars can’t be...” for you and @gracie_plath and some super duper dance moms! #futurewildcats ? #trainthebodymovethesoul #aodfeelslikefamily #artistryqualitycharacter #aodproud #aodstrong #aodlivethelegacy #arizonajazzdanceshowcase
JAZZ in AZ!! We made it!! So exited to find UA’s @gracieplath to show is around! First full day happening now!!! Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase- @uarizona - the University of Arizona School of Dance! #trainthebodymovethesoul #aodlivethelegacy #artistryqualitycharacter #aodalumni ⭐️😊👏🏻
Great time up at Western Michigan for parents weekend! It was also a big audition weekend for @mckennamariiee and the whole MTP department. So proud of you Ken! Always true💗. #aodlivethelegacy
Catching up with 2 AOD alums dancing on the UW-Madison dance team!! @alyssa_wulf and @gabi_kim_ !! Such a blast to see them doing so well! 👏🏻👏🏻⭐️⭐️😘😘#aodalumni #aodproud .
ENHANCE* training class are filling now! Students seen here taking care of their “instruments” and fine tuning pathways to safely maximize strength and flexibility. What an incredible workout for a dancer! #doingitright #AODenhancetraining @maya.nau @avaflava31105 @paigenelso @_ashley.breitzman_
The end of our first week! Happy to be Back! Did you meet a new friend? Dance friends are the best friends- just ask these little cuties from Miss Emily’s class! ♥️. #teachingmorethansteps #aodtheplacetobe #learningmorethandance #trainthebodymovethesoul
DREAM UNTIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.. AND THEN SOME!!!! @thepchu @morgannimal This is the same dynamic duo that brought so many of our AOD alumni back to the stage this year for the amazing 40th anniversary tribute to “This is the Greatest show!” So thrilled to see you two together onstage once again!! Looking out and up to each other always, you two are a constant source of inspiration for so many!! ♥️ #trainthebodymovethesoul #aodproud #aodlivethelegacy #aodalumni #artistryqualitycharacter
Classes start this week! Pack your dance bags, bring your joy and let’s get moving again!⭐️ #trainthebodymovethesoul #aodtheplacetobe #artistryqualitycharacter #aodmydancefamily #lovemesomeaod
Congratulations to the happy couple!!Miss Sydney and Blake, AOD’s newest newlyweds : )!! Dance friends are best friends-Jen and Susan so much fun seeing you! It’s was an absolute joy to be able to witness the start of a lifetime commitment to love with all of you! Miss Sydney you are the most beautiful bride! We will see you in 2 weeks! Have fun!❤️
Agh!!! This baby may be last to leave the nest, but she is certainly ready to fly!! McKenna Marie Plath we’re so excited for your newest adventure. Make yourself proud and keep yourself happy! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!! We love you soooo much ♥️😘. #takingoff !
You’re looking at Miss B, thing one and thing two!!! Another congratulations and the biggest shout out to Miss Julia Beth for placing first runner up in the Midwest!! You are something special gurl!! We are so proud of you!! What talent and fun combined in one package!! ⭐️👏🏻❤️ Congrats congrats congrats!!!!
Congrats to the newly crowned Miss Badgerette of the Midwest - Katie Thuemling!!! We are so proud of you!! You so deserve it ❤️. What an incredible role model you are to so many!! Pure joy here!! Way to celebrate your teammate AOD girls!!! Congrats to all the team participating at Midwest. So much talent and goodness!! ⭐️👏🏻
An absolutely inspiring and rewarding week for all of our dancers at the AOD Summer Intensive! Wow! We are so proud of your work ethic, your passion and all that you have accomplished in your training. We are equally aware of the constant support and respect you give to your teachers and fellow students! Thank you to our amazing guest faculty for sharing your insights, gifts and self with us. You have left an imprint on all of us! @lisetteslife @tdykecompton @jbake13 @aaron.czuprenski @dinick We are working on the Wrap Up video!! #trainthebodymovethesoul #artistryqualitycharacter #aodproud #aodstrong #aodtheplacetobe #teachingmorethansteps #learningmorethandance
Yes Juniors!!! Hip hop with Lisette Bustamante yesterday at our first day of Summer Intensive! What a treat!! #trainthebodymovethesoul #aodtheplacetobe #artistryqualitycharacter
Wednesday schedule revised! #anotherbigdayahead #aodstrong
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