Aceuno graffiti artist 🇮🇹

👆TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION☝️ Commission works in DM or #graffiti #graffitiart #urban

My last work for a secret client in Albuquerque New Mexico💰🔬 Do you remember something?
Outlines is my work for the new @blackbookology contest This contest is very dope for me #bbology5
💸💰C.R.E.A.M.💰💸 This is my tribute to one of the most powerful groups of all time! #wutang #graffiti #grafflogo #shaolinfinesse #hiphop -Your favorite Song? 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
🏋️ Commission work🤾
😍I love you😘 @barbaraflaba Graffiti is my way of expressing what I feel ... without you I would not be what I am and I would not have the wonderful family I have ... thank you! #conceptgraffiti #freehand #oneline
Freestyle ⭐#peace 🌟 with Love and Fun in @bsidehiphopfest 👊 . . . If you want a demonstration of what Hip-hop is, you absolutely must see what these incredible guys could do!@breakmission @graffitiartistcom are Fresh 💘 See you Brothers and Thanks a lot for all! Only love✌️👊✌️ #graffiti #grafflove #hiphop #freehand #oneline
Me for @phet_oner 👊
Oneline Z At this moment I really like working on the control and use of the spray ... on the balance and the movement of the letter ... things that are now too undervalued and replaced by effects that disguise the lettering. In my opinion, Graffiti lettering has a power and a style that must always be exalted. Graffiti is the Power of People 👊
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