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👆TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION☝️ Commission works in DM or #graffiti #graffitiart #urbanart #streetart

#peace ✌️
SunSeaSandSummerSicily This tribute is the result of study on the structure of the letter S. Finally I managed to isolate one of the most beautiful parts of this letter! Graffiti is the language Graffiti is Art of the People 👊
Skillz™️ #grafftype #handmade
Second version of E @kobrapaint_official #kobrateam 🛸🛸🛸 I'm trying to add the possibility of shades between colors in my Oneline works ... let's see if the game becomes more interesting!
#E Concept lines #handmade #oneline #grafftype #lessismore #graffitiart In these last weeks I am studying a lot of the single letters and how important they are for the originality of their style An example: E of Ces tells about StyleWars New Yorkers and the incredible skills of the pioneers...the E of Dare marks the beginning of the new school. This is the E that most describes me ... what do you think about your letters? 👇👇👇👇👇
🌄 Born to be Wild 🏕️ 10 minutes of pure fun
Giants at @urbangiants_milano With @slokeone Kuhr and @dave_foto and with my family that supports me and follows me with all his love♥️ Graffiti,Friends and Family... A Dream! THX @kobrapaint_official for the great support you give me..i hope I deserve it 👊😎👍 Finally I was able to meet many of the artists that I follow and admire on instagram ... everything is more beautiful live!
Stephen King's IT has been my partner for a very long summer when I was only 10 years old. I had just moved with my family to a small town near Rome and spent my days reading books and dreaming of incredible adventures
BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! 😨😱😱😱😨 😱💥💥💥😱 😱💥💣💥😱 😱💥💥💥😱 😨😱😱😱😨 I had said that the next one would have been a bomb, no?
My last work for a secret client in Albuquerque New Mexico💰🔬 Do you remember something?
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