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Best hour in the universe! Mark and Ace chat tow trucks and Mueller’s recent round of indictments.
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5 DAYS of Good Sports coming at ya next week culminating with... CREEP OF THE WEEK!
Who wore the Phil shirts best? Gina?
The great Pete Holmes joins the show tomorrow. Again... Phil just photobombed he’s not on the podcast. He has a terrible command of the English language.
Tomorrow on the show we’ve got the very rude and inappropriate Joel McHale. Don’t believe the lies he will spew tomorrow. Also Jim Carolla stops by!
Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Be safe out there.
One for the record books Gina Grad. Four!?! FOUR!?!
Adam and Drew! Taking your calls -1-877-564-2326 at 4 PM PST!
Caption this. 📷 @ginagrad
Tomorrow on the show we’ve got Vinnie who tells us all how to not be fat PLUS Matt Lewis joins the show to discuss the idiocracy that is the United States Government.
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