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Manhunter is better than Silence of the Lambs. Ace got to sit down with a legend on today’s episode. Thanks for stopping by Michael Mann.
Sonny and Natalia got a four day weekend for Presidents Day. Thank you, teachers. Onto Skiing Week!
Hero spotted in Kentucky
Blackface and Bezos all on a brand new Reasonable Doubt.
Beautiful Cabrio from the Co-Host of Ace on the House. New episode out today.
5 days left people. Get tickets to a screening near you at
Lennox responds to "Champ" Adam responds to "Wide Dick"? Gotta stop.
Recreating Pretty Woman with a Scion and a fresh pair of Tommy Johns = a magical Valentines Day. Get 20% off your first order with promo code ADAM at checkout.
Rant of the year came early. Don't be offended by Katy Perry's "Blackface" shoes, please.
True love. Look out Babs.
JAMES BROLIN on today's show. We talk the underground mall, racing with Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman plus hitting a hog on the raceway. We also talk Vinnie Tortorich about Tom Brady's insane diet and just what the fuck a nightshade is.
IT'S TIME AGAIN! Drop your car questions below and Ace will answer them LIVE at 2 PM PST on the ACS YouTube Channel. #CastrolChallenge
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