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You live in a desert. Yes, it is still hot.
Big show today with the great Rob Riggle and Chris Gethard. We talk about the shocking realization that it's still hot in LA, plus Jim Morrison's long-winded creative genius.
Give us your car questions! Ace may answer them on tomorrow's 2 PM PST live stream brought to you by Castrol USA. #CastrolChallenge
Meeting of the minds.
The one and only Tucker Carlson joins the show today for a one on one with Adam. They talk Tucker's new book Ship of Fools, the difference between liberalism and leftism, and the future of the country.
It’s good?
Ace and Mark are BOTH in studio for the newest episode of Reasonable Doubt. They talk the current state of Hollywood and plenty of Rae Carruth.
Amazing episode today with Scott Adams. A peculiar fellow who classified himself as ultra liberal who a supports Trump. Oxymoronic?
Why does Donald Trump (@kyledunnigan1 ) watch his daughter shower and go to the bathroom? Because he's a GOOD PARENT. That's why.
Sometimes, Rotten Tomatoes is broken.
Gina’s battery may have been spitting flame yesterday but Ace has given it the okay. Godspeed.
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