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Now that’s what I’m talking about! Great trailer, cutting edge. Best of luck to the entire team behind Laal Kabootar! This is very exciting! #pakistanicinemaevolving #checkitout #watchit #laalkabootar @manshapasha @ahmedaliakbarofficial @laalkabootar
‘Gotta keep testing motor skills. Here’s to captain’s chairs, barrel rolls and trusted copilots.’ [6.12.18] @saad.azher #saadazhar #tajdar #sindbadextreme #khidays
‘Shady pouts and parental poses’ [6.12.18] @sairoz
‘Open Sesame’ [6.12.18] @sairoz @manshapasha A fun and sparky day at ‘Karachi’s got talent’ at the IBA with Syra and Mansha and the super enthusiastic students who made fooling around much fun. Thank you all for the love.
‘When your dear friend switches from big brother to gracious host in a matter of seconds’ [2018] @mahajawed1 @easybyfatsos #khievenings
‘Way’ [4.12.2018] pc. Durriya Zaidi #lovekarachi #sunset #cliftonbeach
Real pleasure to be on the panel of a very relevant discussion hosted by nowpdp and IBA [3.12.2018] ‘Media and Disabilty: Pity-fear dichotomy’ @nowpdp #nowpdp Thank you for the invite and bringing some insight into the experiences of real persons with disabilities who are working and living in pakistan.
‘Who’s bad’ [2013] pc. @noshkay Jackson Heights Written by Vasay Chuadhry @vasaych Produced by Six Sigma Cinematography by Nausheen Dadabhoy @naushero Directed by Mehreen Jabbar @mehreenjabbarofficial #jacksonheights #mehreenjabbar #sixsigma #vasaychaudhry #nausheendadabhoy #pakistanidramas #jamshed #character My favourite tv acting experience to date. One of the significant times when it all came together from conception, production to execution. Despite the challenges faced when trying to execute a more contemporary story, we were able to explore a myriad of themes in ‘Jackson Heights’ and make something that continues to stand out. Playing Jamshed in 2013 gave me the opportunity to explore a character with a good heart and misguided dreams away from home. An ill-informed and impatient dreamer with a universally relatable combination of fear and bravado. Leaping before looking, a rare character who had more arc than a lot of other parts I’ve managed to do or read for television. Jamshed remains a notable point for me, a kind of an unexpected breaking bad that came my way and a strange peak experience in terms of synergistic execution when it comes to Pakistani storytelling. This drama was made at a time when many peoples’ enthusiasm aligned to just go to a new territory with story. Grateful for the hilarious reactions Jamshed’s existence continues to get from fans of ‘Jackson Heights’, whether I run into them in Pakistan or another part of the world. Happy that people have connected with him and grateful to have been a part of this work with my colleagues, friends, cast, crew and fans. Thank you guys! Adeel.
‘Mancrab Crabman’ [2011] pc. Maha Jawed #beach #karachi #crabs #nature #portraiture
‘Sonya’s stars’ [2016] #portraiture #sonyajehan #blackandwhite #khinights
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