Non-singing British female

Pictorial representation of “feeling myself”
The lovely ladies of Menton, 2018 (colourised).
Was a little late, carriage changed back
Yayoi Kusama, and Kyoto at large
And by “hiking gear”, you mean...?
Spot the shrimp tempura in the sky
Storefronts and scenes of note
Pretty sure I’m in Tomb Raider
Shinjuku or Blade Runner’s LA?
It’s coming home (2022)
When your avocado toast is hilarious
Surveying our grounds
Beatriz Milhazes, as inspired by (and improving upon) my Year 4 art project
An ominous name + sinister cult imagery = a great breakfast?
That time I rode someone else’s lottery win to the front row of Hamilton
When you’re in my mum’s house, and the wedding is on, you better believe you’re wearing a hat
How do you say copyright infringement in Greek?
Plotting to rebuild my empire
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