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Actor // Director // WWF goodwill ambassador // Asia Society Fellow

Here’s the teaser for my dear friend @kamalkay debut film #laalkabootar ! He makes me believe that dedication & faith can get you far in life. So proud of you and inspired by you, brother. What startling and beautiful images @azmisius. Much love & support to the whole team @ahmedaliakbarofficial @manshapasha @zoobia_a @fezedi @stylistmazmi @vardah_aziz , the pioneering Cheema siblings and anyone I may have absent mindedly forgotten 🙏🏼! The performances look strong and the music is killer @tahamalik. This is the new wave of Pakistani cinema and I can’t wait to watch this film on the big screen in all its glory 👊🏽 What do you guys think?
Remember this guy? #romeo back on the big screen at @cinepaxcinemas Karachi, Lahore and Hyderabad for a week! Go check out Pakistan’s official submission to the Oscars in case you missed it (or loved it that much) 🤗 . . . . . #cakethefilm #adnanmalik #sanamsaeed #aaminasheikh #pakistaniactor
Why the divide? Im seeing these videos on the Pop VS Rock matter and wanted to add a little to it. Harmony all the way guys, enjoy PopRock together. #cornettopoprock
#cakethefilm had a special screening for academy members in Los Angeles yesterday and the resounding response was that this is a top shelf film with excellent performances, crafty storytelling, strong visuals and beautiful music. Many members stuck around for a couple of hours after the film discussing aspects of it with the 3 of us. So many were enthralled by what they saw. “This May have been the first Pakistani film that I have seen, but after this, will certainly not be my last” The best foreign picture nomination is an incredibly prestigious one this year with films the likes of ‘Roma’, ‘Shoplifters’ and ‘Cold War’ in contention. Our little film may not make it to top 5, but it’s definitely helped change perceptions about Pakistan. It’s been a beautiful journey and we all have tons of gratitude 🙏🏼❤️ #cakethefilm #adnanmalik #aaminasheikh #asimabbasi #roadtotheoscars #pakistanicinema #academyawards2018
Orange & teal LUT // Jacket @republicbyomarfarooq // @swearuponcoco Beverly Hills 2018 #cakethefilm #adnanmalik
Hollywood main boli “Main Paris nahin jaoongi” #cakethefilm #adnanmalik #aaminasheikh
LA Lovin’ “A very Foxley afternoon” featuring the magic workers & other album covers. (Missed you @zlfox ) ✨
To quote @a_abbasi “The Cake that keeps giving.” What an honour to be in LA and share Pakistan’s official submission to the Oscars at special screenings for members of the academy. There’s insane competition from films like Roma and the Shoplifters this year, but there’s great satisfaction in knowing that influential people will watch this unique and heartfelt film that may help alter the perceptions of Pakistan. Proud to be ambassadors of change. 🙏🏼🇵🇰❤️ #cakethefilm #oscars #academyawards #foryourconsideration
LA I ❤️ you. A morning of #holotropic breathwork with @carlyjomorgan at her incredible home in Tapanga Canyon. A deep immersion into body and psyche using Rhythmic breath and accompanied by her own music. Such an authentic experience built around Art, compassion, community and healing. The most amazing part of an experience like this is the realisation that your own breath holds the key to self-acceptance. Every breath out can be an expulsion of what we don’t need and every breath in, a reaffirmation of life. Whatever healing we may need is available right here: in the dance between an inhale and an exhale. ⚡️
All in a days work. Thanks @amnaniazi81 Now it’s time to take a ✈️ into the past. . . . . . . . #adnanmalik
Happy birthday to the sunshine of our lives 🌻 Love you dearly, Mummy. May your love and coolness radiate for ever and ever. #themaliksofhillroad
Word on the street is word on my heart. So much is broken around us. Let’s right the wrongs for the next generation and focus on educating them on the best possible life skill: self care. . . #thoughtoftheday #musings #reflection
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