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I haven’t seen it yet, but I support everything about it! Made from the heart. And I’m all for sharing stories about strong independent women who construct their own narratives! All the best @sohaialiabroofficial @adnansarwar2020 @thealikazmi @meharbano & everyone else involved! ・・・ Motorcycle Girl opens to public in cinemas across Pakistan today! I believe we have made an honest, highly entertaining and sensitive film with Sohai Ali Abro delivering a once-in-a-generation acting performance. I also believe it is a remarkable collective achievement for Independent Pakistani Cinema to create a film of this caliber in less money than it costs to make an average 30-second corporate television commercial. This would not have been possible without Jami Moor and his team, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan and all the other people who worked on this film for little or no money. You know who you are! This is an important film! Our cinema needs such films to do well if we are to have a future. Go and watch it with your family over the weekend. "IF" you like what we have created, tell the world!! We have done our part. It belongs to you now. Own it! -Adnan Sarwar @adnansarwar2020 🙌🏻 #motorcyclegirl #motorcyclegirlmovie #AdnanSarwar #sorrynotsorry #girlpower #pakistanicinema 🏍🇵🇰♥️
Thank you @hellopakistan Well that’s a sweet little honor 🙏🏼 all of us are enthralled at the love the film has received! It’s a big year for Pakistani Cinema and we are so happy that unique stories and voices are being shared on the big screen!
Talking to @iharoonrashid at the Bbc about reinterpreting masculinity and creating positive role models through more diverse roles for men in television and film in Pakistan 🙌🏼 . . . . . #adnanmalik #cakethefilm #sadqaytumhare #masculinity #pakistanicinema #actorslife #mahirakhan #malala #lollywood #hollywood #bollywood #cinema #archetypes #feminism
Some people stand out in life even when they are not family. Someone you can depend on in your darkest hours, we all have experienced such support at one time or another. Share in the reflection of loyalty, love and support that Romeo brings in his character to #cakethefilm . Showing in cinemas near you! #CakeFam #CakeTheFilm #AaminaSheikh #SanamSaeed #AdnanMalik #B4UMotionPictures #FM91 #SuntayHeeJao #PakistaniCinema @aaminasheikh @adnanmalik1 @sanammody @theofficialb4u #ExcellencyFilms #ZABFilms #IndusTalkies #AsimAbbasi
#cakethefilm releasing across North America and Canada in April 13th! Don’t miss it! 🙏🏼❤️
Featured in this week’s #easterneye magazine from the U.K. thank you for the kind words! Have you had your slice (of life) yet? . . . . . . . #cakethefilm #adnanmalik #lollywood #bollywood #sanamsaeed #aaminasheikh #ootd #instadaily #cinema #b4u
#piff2018 , the Pakistan international Film Festival, (with all its teething problems) was a fantastic initiative that has been much needed in this country since the Kara film festival became defunct about a decade ago. The festival gives a platform for young local filmmakers, and puts us back on the cinema map! And as I remember glowingly from my time on the organising committee at Kara, the best part was meeting other filmmakers and actors from around the world and exchanging stories and ideas. This time it was an honour to meet incredible filmmakers like Vishal bharadwaj, SS Rajamouli as well as actors like @pathakvinay ! He was very generous with his praise for #cakethefilm and said that “it’s a film that not just pakistan should be proud of, but it’s a film any country would be proud of!” Those are big words from a very talented gentleman. ❤️🙏🏼 Here’s to representing Pakistan with honesty, sophistication and depth! We must keep our Heads held high as we put up a mirror to our society and be unafraid to look at our faults. (and be brave enough to move forward!) . . . #adnanmalik #vinaypathak #aaminasheikh #sanamsaeed #pakistanicinema Photo credit: @addyfero @thehappeningcompany
The reviews have been strong as have opening weekend numbers! Go out there and catch it in a cinema near you and let us know your thoughts! #cakethefilm
Hosting the closing ceremony of #piff2018 . . Wardrobe: @saniamaskatiya Grooming: @nabila_salon Stylist: @swearuponcoco #adnanmalik
Thank you for all the love everyone! Incredible response this opening weekend! The reviews keep coming in! Watch this video to see what the critics & viewers have to say! Have you had your piece of cake yet? Go watch it in cinemas! . . . #cakethefilm #adnanmalik #sanamsaeed #aaminasheikh
I have to say it’s been a huge pleasure working with these 2 ladies. Definitely 2 of the finest actors in the industry right now! @aaminasheikh is such a powerhouse of emotion & @sanammody such an elegant craftswoman. There was so much to learn from working with them! (And of course Mohd ahmed Sahab and beo Khala!) And then they are both so down to earth and like family! I’ve enjoyed promotions because I get to hang with them everyday! What a true pleasure to get along with your co-stars! We are all so considerate of each other! This is how all projects should be, beautiful inside and out. ❤️ #cakethefilm . . . . #aaminasheikh #sanamsaeed . (I am wearing @ab_ahmedbham. Hair and grooming @sajidstylist )
U.K.! #cakethefilm releases all across tomorrow the 29th. Swipe right for all the cinema details! You were so incredible to your response to world premiere and the #ukaff screening! Let’s keep the love going! ❤️ Do share feedback after watching it! . . . . #cakethefilm #adnanmalik #sanamsaeed #aaminasheikh #mikaalzulfiqar #b4umotionpictures
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