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If you’re in Switzerland , how one can ignore the greatest Mr. Shahrukh Khan’s songs, films and his signature pose:)🙏#interlaken #switzerland #switzerland_vacations #instagood #instalife #shahrukhkhan
I’m in a dream world right now. I’m at 5000ft in the Swiss Alps. If there is one word to that comes to mind when thinking of Switzerland is; “ Heaven On Earth”! Everything is arranged to perfection. The cottage houses, the landscape in cute little rows as rolling green hills invite you to sing. Best experience of this trip so far! #interlaken #switzerland #switzerland_vacations
Came through what’s being called BTS images of my colleague and a friend #SabaQamar ’s recently done photoshoot which is spreading on social media like wildfire, I’m deeply saddened by this act, this is not us and we shouldn’t take pride in it in any manner! I totally condemn this and wouldn’t want to highlight the name of a man behind it but I’m not going to work for with him or anything associated with him ever! #support #friendship #pakistanshowbiz #Colleague #together #pakistan .
I’m really excited and looking forward to my first ever meet up with my fans in Frankfurt. See you guys!🙏🏽#frankfurt #vacation #instalife #fans
The art of metal structure. “The Eiffel Tower” is one of the most striking towers of Europe! #paris #france #vacation #instalife #instalove #tourdefrance
Come over for a Meet and Greet session and dinner with me, an evening dedicated to all the people who’ve always been with me and loved me. So excited and looking forward to my first ever meet up with my fans in Frankfurt. Lets have a great “Fan Jam”. See you guys!🙏🏽#frankfurt #vacation #instalife #fans
An adventurous vacation, keeps the doctor away! Here I come Prague. “Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying; ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.'" — Lisa St. Aubin de Teran. #vacation #prague #instalife #instalove
Being a Dad is probably the most rewarding thing that has ever happened to me. Just want to let you know how proud I am of you all . You have already given me joys way beyond my deserving. To see you go off in the world and learn, work, play, make friends, fills me with so much confidence in your abilities to be a woman and a man who will have a meaningful life. I am sure that’s what you’re also looking for. Will always be there to encourage you. With all my love and gratitude for you, Abba jan. #vacation #europe #frankfurt #dadlove #instalove #instalife
“Kabhi mein sochta hon kuch na kuch kahon...phir yeh sochta hon kyun na chup raho”#liebfruenberg #frankfurt #instalife
Live from the air. #europe #instalife
نیو یورک کی گلیوں کا اک لمحہ ۔A candid moment from one of the streets of New York . Note; Other one are my reading glasses 👓🙏.
Here at The National Mall, America's most-visited national park, where the past, present and future come together. Every single memorial here is beautiful and captivating in itself. A bad picture is impossible to capture next to the spectacular #WashingtonMonument . #instafun #instalife #washingtondc #travel
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