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Adrian Molina, founder of @warrior.flow & @warriorflowmiami Community Yogi. MIA-NYC. 🌴🗽🌴

What an amazing morning reconnecting to our NYC friends. Thank you to everyone who came this morning and flowed. Thank you to everyone who drove into the city for today’s classes. Thank you to everyone who crossed the park 🤣. Thank you to everyone who came to support and to hold the space for each other. . New York you never disappoint. . You always makes us feel welcome. . You always encourage us to keep going. . Thank you. ❤️ . . Thank you @pureyoganyc and @oneverseyoga ❤️. . #warriorflow #findyourflow #miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
Happy birthday to my dear friend @luisvivastango . Love you Luis. See you back in the 305. More than 17 years of friendship. 😁
Long overdue but we finally made it to our friend Joe Brack’s show at the The Bitter End. Great night with our friends Susie Rubin Schein, Allison Brack & Nicky Tsitouras. ❤️
Mom was by no means a fancy lady. She, like me, looked for practicality, functionality and especially a cheap price on a label rather than a fancy brand. She and I used to go to every little store and look for the best possible deals. Her favorite was Old Navy. Go figure. And Skechers for shoes. She was looking forward to visiting us in NYC and go to her favorite stores. Since my mom died, I haven’t gone back to Buenos Aires. Her ashes are waiting for me to at some point spread them where I know she spent wonderful moments (I don’t know how store management would feel about me spreading ashes in Old Navy and Skechers in Herald Square, Manhattan). In the meantime she is in my heart, in my dreams, every day.
Visiting friends. Day off. Movies. Shopping. And getting ready for tomorrow at Pure Yoga West. Link in profile for registration. ❤️
6 layers + a cool hat + and plenty of singing bowls. Hi NYC 👋🏻 Ready for tonight at @pureyoganyc East. ❤️. . #warriorflow #findyourflow #miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
We had a great time at Art Miami. Thank you @gloriaporcella ❤️
Perfect timing. 3 years ago we were saying goodbye to NYC. We had a get together with some of our closest friends. Tears and laughter. Fast forward 3 years and tomorrow we are heading to NYC for the weekend and we are happy that all of those relationships and love remain intact. Come and practice with me tomorrow at Pure East for yoga and/or sound. Also Sunday, at Pure West. All info for registration in link in profile. If you never tried sound, don’t miss this opportunity. . NYC! Here we come! . #warriorflow #findyourflow #miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
What a special moment during Art Basel Miami to spend time with our dear friend @dipetroff and get to meet Pablo Picasso’s grandson, Olivier at a wonderful event at Berluti in Design District. While talking to him, we discovered that we are neighbors! 😁.
And this is what happens when you pack your calendar with lots of things... And you have your friends out of town visiting... And it’s the busiest week of the year... Art Basel... And you have tons of events that you committed to go... And you want to go! And on top of that you are leaving for NYC with your husband to teach over the weekend. Who has time to go to the car wash? Thank you to my dear friend Cisco for his innovative way of promoting Warrior Flow around town. Now you know. 🚗 #warriorglow
Super excited about going to NYC this weekend. I am teaching at @pureyoganyc on Friday 5:45pm (East) and Sunday 11:30am (West). Both classes are followed by a Sound Bath class led by @dennishunterwriter and me. We are bringing all of our musical instruments and our gong! Looking forward to seeing everyone. To register click link in profile. 🤗 . 📷 by @mar_1973 . . #warriorflow #miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
I talk a lot about community these days. Life is too difficult sometimes to handle alone. We need relationships - connection. Nurturing relationships wether personal or business. I enjoy connecting people or businesses when I see they can benefit and help each other and create meaningful experiences. Having @gloriaporcella ’s art from @galleriacadoro being showcased at @innergy_meditation it’s so awesome. The meditation studio turned into an art gallery. . You must stop by and check it out if you are in town. 💙 . #Repost @innergy_meditation with @make_repost ・・・ You don’t have to leave the Innergy studio to get in on the Art Basel action this week. Stop in and check out our special exhibit of works by Italian artist Lucio Micheletti. These gorgeous and contemplative photos fit right in with the Innergy vibe, and we are so honored to have them on loan from the amazing @gloriaporcella at @galleriacadoro , and for the gallery introduction by @adrianmolinaofficial. Art Basel is about to get a little bit more mindful. 🧘‍♂️ Inquire about pricing. #inquirewithin #artbasel #artbaselmiamj #artmiami #gallery #meditationstudio #contemplativeart #photograohy #beauty #inspiration #miami #miamibeach
When the twins became triplets. ❤️ I am so thankful to the community of members of Equinox South Beach. The love, the vibes, the chill atmosphere, the receptivity to new things, to my bad jokes, to festive essential oils. Today I spent time talking to lots of people, from members to management. There is a joyful atmosphere and I am very grateful for it. This morning I woke up with a really painful migraine headache but I didn’t want to sub my class. I am so glad I didn’t. . #warriorflow #miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
There’s a new gong in town. 😎 (And it’s not the baby one I mentioned earlier. It’s the big daddy.) . #warriorflow #miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
I carried so many instruments to my sound bath class at Equinox Brickell today that I dropped one. My baby gong fell on my ankle and cut me. I guess that was the gong baptism. 🤦‍♂️ . . Sound brings a new dimension to the practice. I left Equinox feeling so grateful to all the participants who mentioned that Thursday is their favorite day because of my yoga class and sound bath. 🌸Gratitude🌸 . By Monday I will have a cart to help me schlep around instruments. People who don’t know might think I am transporting cats or dogs. 🤣. . 📷 by @m.paula.l . . #warriorflow #miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
For the last week or so I was waiting for the results of a biopsy on a suspicious-looking spot on my skin. As much as I want to say that I wasn’t worried, I was. Every day there was an underlying current of worry. What if it’s the C word? What if it’s the really bad kind? I was reminded every time I thought about it that our walk on this earth is temporary and that sooner or later we will all catch our next train out of here. That thought helped me to put things in perspective. Today I received the phone call from my friend and doctor Daniel Campos letting me know that everything is alright, it's just a sun spot. I am so thankful to him for his attention and care and for being such a good friend. I am reminded once again not to take any day of life for granted. Not to sweat the small stuff. And to treasure my well being with every single action and word. . #warriorflow #health #wellbeing miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
It’s rewarding to see the fruits of strength training being reflected on the mat. More stability on the shoulders. A more refined connection to my core. So appreciative of my trainer @aesthetix_libra . My yoga gets better with strength training. I refrain sometimes from posting lots of yoga postures on social media because I think the approach to movement has to be very diverse. The body needs to move in different ranges of motion. At least in my experience too much yoga has caused many muscles to be overstretched and many joints not to be supported. Yoga and Strength training are a great combo. My classes are more and more infused with appreciation for movement and strengthening and not only traditional postural yoga. As the body ages it’s important to understand that our practices have to be sustainable and friendly, and not complicated. . #warriorflow #movement #strength miami #nyc #community #yoga #sound #meditation #therapeuticyoga #events #retreats #inspiration
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