Ahaan Panday

Let’s just sum up our existence to small little squares on our phone screen and pretend that it’s all G

Love you nani @queeniewoodham Swear I’ll learn to pray the rosary next time 😁😬
Happy birthday lana, (insert generic birthday message) no but really, thank you for being there for me, not only as a sister but as a friend and for always giving me the best advice when I needed it the most, you’re doing so well, and you’ve become so mature, I would always want to be as strong as you when I was younger, and now I’m older, but I’ve realised that I’ll never be able to be as strong as you, love you lana, never change
Siri, what are some good captions for Instagram?
Thanks for all the lessons @alishaabdullah & @glenling. You both might regret giving too much gyaan! LET’S RACE! @fiaformulae 😼 💨 #ABBFormulaE
I’m not forgiving you for the Demo Lap horror show, @alishaabdullah. The lessons were great, but I don’t remember anything apart from being sh*t-scared! 🤢 #ABBFormulaE
It’s not fun walking on a race track when it is 42 degrees, but @alishaabdullah & @glenling say it is worth it. IT BETTER BE! 😝 @fiaformulae
Hey @glenling , thanks for over-complicating a thing of beauty that is the @BMWi 8. All I know is that it is too gorgeous to be @abbformulae ’s safety car, also you talk too much man! 🔥 #ABBFormulaE
Wanted to drive the @BMWi 8, @fiaformulae put me on the race simulator to see if I was ready. Crushed it… quite literally! or maybe not, still not sure to this date. #ABBFormulaE #SafetyCar #BMWi8
Happy birthday to my driving force, my mentor, my JaanEman(that’s my contact name for you btw😛) I remember when we first met two years ago, I had jitters, and could barely even make eye contact, now it’s more like you stopping me from making eye contact and being too hyper, you’re an angel, I don’t know how you don’t see the change you’ve brought in me, but no one has been able to have such a large impact on me in such a short time, like I’ve always told you, Filmfare was the aim but I already got my award❤️😁 love you - @shanoosharmarahihai you know why I deleted the previous post 🤣
Can we just pretend I didn’t upload my birthday pictures 177 days, 15 hours, 12 minutes and 54 seconds late.
Dreams do come true Got to meet this living legend last night!! thank you sir.
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