A H M E D | E L D E I B 👑

I'am still learning👤🌹

I will be sure that what i dream of will come someday😌❤
Don't tell people about your plans,show them your results👌🌐
Hold on to hope till the last moment⛅💙
Find someone who believes in you when you don't👌👬
Your smile is like the sun❤🌞
Happy Moments❤
It's not hard to be a good person🌷
Gasser Habib Alpi❤⚡
In your smile another life❤
Please don't be in love with someone else🙂❤
It's just days gone and will not be remembered🌃🍃
How far is the sky and how close is allah🌌🌸
People let us down,god never does🙌
When life changes to be harder,change yourself to be stronger🎇
The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart❤💦
One day you will give up some of your dreams until you live your reality😉
The world is a book,and who doesn't travel doesn't see except a single page😋🍥
Life goes on😃🍃
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