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#Repost @inner.bliss ・・・ New moon in Libra tonight! 🌚♎️🙏🏼 The new moon symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, making it the ideal time to make wishes, set new intentions, and plant new seeds. Watch them bloom and grow throughout the remainder of the moon’s cycle. 💖 What are your intentions for this New Moon? ✨ #newmoon #newbeginnings #innerbliss
Today I got The Ego (The Tower) card again for you. This message goes perfectly together with yesterday’s reading. If you are here and reading this it’s no coincidence. I see two things- take what resonates with you and your situation- this is a good practice to trust your own intuition. You are going through rough time right now but be sure that things are healing, something has to end in order for something new to start. It is positive! The other thing I get is about relationship. It may be twin flame connection where a lot of conscious healing has to be done. Where the minds way won’t work, where one has to let the ego go. If this is you what you need to do right now is to let go. Your job is to think about you- about self love. Put up diffuser with your favourite essential oils, listen to soothing music, do meditation, do yoga, do whatever you love to raise your vibration and remain positive. Let go and let the universe take charge. That’s all you need to know right now. It is not easy but you have to come to this place where you are not overly attached to the other person. When you let go the control only then the higher power can come in.
@sarahprout ・・・ YES! 🙌🏼💜
I was drawn to do a message for you. I believe that if you are here reading this then it’s no coincidence. You are here for a reason. You are going through a rougher times right now but don’t fear this. Have faith that whatever it is it is ending, don’t listen to your lower self- your ego. Ego tells all kinds of fearful stories. Instead have faith that whatever you are going through right now has hidden blessings. You don’t need to know all the answers right now but be sure it has hidden blessing- notice the number 26, 2+6 equals 8 which is the number of abundance. There is a new chapter unfolding in your life. Trust the process. Have faith.
When Goddess of Justice appears in your reading know that Universe is on your side- be it in business or any kind of situation things will work out in fair and just manner. 🙏✨ #justice
England, you may not have the best weather in the world, but I’m in love with your mystical, magical woods and powerful architecture, cozy cottages, pretty villages.. there’s always something to discover like this beautiful hotel and the lake hidden in the woodland that we ran into this evening 😍 #nofilter #uk
Trying to adapt to colder climate after our travels 🌲💚 #uk #unitedkingdom #midlands
#Repost @foreverconscious ・・・ Saturn moves direct today after being retrograde since April. Saturn energy helps us to create healthy boundaries in our lives. Boundaries are the ultimate self care and help to protect your wellbeing. When you don’t have boundaries people tend to take advantage of you or you may feel constantly compromised. If that’s you, this is your sign to create healthy boundaries starting today. Your mantra- “I create healthy boundaries in my life by honoring all that I am and all that I feel. When I take charge of my life and my well-being, and listen to what my body needs, it becomes easier and more fluid to create boundaries with others.” Check for more info on Saturn moving direct 💜 • • • • • #intuituveastrology #saturn #higherconsciousness #inspirationalquotes #takeresponsibility #mindfulness #spiritualawakening #spirituality #thursdaythoughts #positive #motivational #inspirational #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #positiveenergy #wisdom #boundaries #createhealthyboundaries #selfcare #selflove #youdoyou
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