Oh sweetie! You can’t unlove me 💫
Be the light in all the hate, be the truth in all the lies 🌟✨
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Sunday mood!
How was the Episode? Feedback please 😊 #meeru #baandi
Smile more, worry less
#baandi tonight at 8pm only on Humtv❤️
Wearing my favorite @faizasaqlain 💞 hair and makeup @ss_zubair @borjanshoes ♥️
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You and I both know that I have found the other part of my soul. The piece of me that completes the puzzle of who I am. The half that makes me whole. But before my journey began with him, there was a journey of a little girl and her mom. A bond so strong and so life changing that without her mom, the little girl would not be half the woman she is today. You've taught me how to love and how to accept the things that I cannot change. How to trust and believe in the things unseen. you are the definition of true love and I just want you to know that, on this day, you were my first love. And this, this will never change. Becaue there is no love that could ever compare to the love of my mama♥️
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