Tobias Hägg

Airborne Creativity & Photography Stockholm, Sweden

A day out in the fjords of Western Norway ! I’m always happy when i get to bring out my kayak. Today was a good day, Hope you had one too !
Catching the morning activities up at Preikestolen, Norway. What a place !
15 meters tall, weighing in at approximately 35 tons the Humpback whale alone stands for one of the highlights of the year. After sitting 24 hours in a car just waiting and hoping that the weather could give me one chance to fly the drone it was a pure pleasure too see this guy come up to the surface . If only for a brief moment it was something i've always dreamt of seeing and now i can say i am way more prepared for the next round if it ever comes again. At one point i actually saw 3 orcas (Killer whales)
Gloomy rides in a Volcanic Landscape.
A hidden place in constant change, small adjustements in order to function in our present world. Mountain walls reaching for the sky in a place once called the last secret of Iceland.
Kerlingarfjöll, Where nature just works different. Can you spot the 4 hikers on the trail ?
Keep calm & Drive slow. Nothing like a week on the Icelandic roads.
Currently boarding a plane to Tropical Iceland 🌴 Cant wait to put on my swimshorts and have some fun in the rain !
A flight down memory lane ! Cheers for the weekend, Cheers for you ! What you up to this weekend ?
A Frosty morning with a view i wont forget for a long time. Watching Fitz Roy turn in colors as the sun was rising i will always carry with me.
Art of Nature. Glacial rivers running trough the volcanic landscapes of Iceland.
A calm evening in Argentina when everything was perfectly still.
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