Tobias Hägg

Airborne Creativity & Photography Stockholm, Sweden

A good morning in Chile 🇨🇱
A subtle moon rises above the mountains of Patagonia 🌙
Tropical Tranquility 🌴
When can i move in ?
Into the Wild
Two days until Patagonia, Expecting some wild scenes !
The Arctic breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. You feel me ? ❄️
That neverending Arctic sunrise.
Mediterranean Playground #whpimbored
A chunk of Ice drifting in the ocean.
I know i may be wishing on a world that may never be. But i’ll keep on wishing. No matter how hopeless or foolish it may seem. I’ll keep on wishing.
Landscape formed by Fire and Ice. Once glacial rivers was passing trough, today dried up due to global warming.
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