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Watercolour Beach! Something finally different than my usual forests and darker pieces 🎨 .. which do you like, left or right? • I’m currently still editing the video i made on these paintings, after trying several techniques and different colors, i came up with easy key steps that’ll show you how to paint these two kinds of beaches with watercolors. • The video should be uploaded by today in the evening, if you want to get notified when it’s uploaded, subscribe my youtube (AhmadArt) and click the bell icon, you’ll know right away when its up :) • Let me know what you guys think of this, and should I use more bright colors? .. hope you guys like it, 😄🎨 see you!
Hogwarts school 💙 one of my favorite things to paint ☺️ - Soo, this print is available on my society6 shop as well as on my etsy as a digital print. Links in bio, i’ll put on my story as well. - If you don’t know how digital prints work, basically you only purchase the file, which you download and then you’re able to print this at home or at a print shop, which saves you shipping fees on prints 😊👍🏻
misty forest 💙 print coming soon on etsy 🎨😀 .. i’m thinking what art tutorial should i do next on youtube (Ahmadart) i was thinking on how to make watercolor feathers 🤔 let me know your thoughts 💭 • • paper: @cansonpaper_northamerica watercolors: @nevskayapalitra brush: Nobel
Working on feathers with watercolors, one more to go 🎨💙
Forest trees 💙 .. enjoy your day everyone, also I uploaded a video on how to make waterfalls using watercolors, check it out if you’d like on youtube (AhmadArt)
greeen after a while...! What do you think ? :D I’m not sure if you can see well, but I added some gold watercolor too :p Enjoy your day 🍃😁
waterfall 🍃💚 enjoy your day everyone 🍃 tap to see the materials used :)
shining moons using finetec metallic watercolors ... currently editing prints for this, original is available to purchase 🌙 enjoy your day everyone 🍃
Finally .. after sometime 💙🎨 what do you think? .. waterfalls are quite challenging to paint 🤔
sparkly moon phases, prints coming soon .. 🌓🌒🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕
🌑 Moon Forest .. prints coming soon. what do you guys think, should i do more moon themed paintings? Materials: @cansonpaper @nevskayapalitra @winsorandnewton
New York State double exposure. swipe to see more of the metallic watercolors in the painting 👍🏻😁 (original on sale, print coming soon) 🎨
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