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Hey everyone! Time for a giveaway, so I’ve teamed up some very talented artists around the world & @craftamo to make create this giveaway! Here are the details! _______ TWO winners ARE: @pamela_hickey & @colorocean5 ! 11-Piece Detail Brush set by @craftamo ‘Glass House’ print by @wildwither ‘Wine & Motion’ print by @lea_binda Sticker pack by @lea_binda Light of the Moon’ print by @elle_lna 15-Piece Art Brush set with pop up stand by @craftamo 2 Galaxy style badges from @kanoelani_life 4 Disney-themed stickers from @aishaaaaah 6-Pack of real brush pens by @craftamo ________ To Enter: Follow: @elle_lna @wildwither @craftamo @kanoelani_life @lea_binda @aishaaaaah Like this Photo Leave a comment below, and tag your artistic friends (max 3) with why you love their work! Each comment will be counted as an entry, so please tag one friend per comment. Thanks! ________ Bonus Entries: For 1 extra entry, share this photo to your Instagram Feed with the description #HugeArtGiveaway  by @aishaaaaah so we can count your submission! For 1 extra entry, share this photo to your Instagram Story tagging @aishaaaaah so we can count your submission! __ All users must be followed - (we will check!) but the good news is you can enter the giveaway on each individual user’s post, giving you more chance of winning! We will count up all the entries and draw TWO winners at random, and yes -  the giveaway is open WORLDWIDE! So ready, set… start tagging and sharing :) __ Giveaway will close on Friday, 12th October. Winner MUST be following all accounts listed above. Winner will be announced the following day on Saturday, 13th October. We ask that private accounts be made public during the giveaway. Good luck everyone! __ This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.
Hey guys ✨ here’s a new magical painting after a while, inspired by Tangled ✨ the blue shiny watercolors are made by me & I will have more info on it soon! _ .. I’m starting to make my first class on skillshare and wanted to ask you guys, what would you like to learn about watercolors? Because it’s a course (which you can watch for free) I don’t just want to teach one how to make a painting type of thing, I want to make a course that covers a whole topic & teaches you many techniques and things with which you can use to make lots of paintings. _ Which comes to .. would you guys be interested in a skillshare class where I teach you how to make magical/sparkly/dreamy watercolor paintings? (If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, you can look at my recent colorful art) _ If you have other topic suggestions, feel free to comment, it will really help me! 💙✨ until then see you!
disney moon 🌙 ... can you guess whose castle this is? I made this painting with my own watercolors, except the gold parts. I wanted to test them and I’m quite happy with the results. So far, i’ve made a light icy blue and a dark blue, they will be up soon on my etsy shop in half and few full pans!!! ✨✨ let me know what you think about this painting! Next metallic/shimmery watercolor i’m making will be greeen! _ original painting for sale, dm for more info :)
new painting after soooo long! i didn’t have an art block, i literally had an art shutdown 😂💔 ... i used some of my handmade watercolors for this painting, the blue shimmery mica & prussian blue watercolor should be available soon on my etsy , swipe to see its details😱✨... A few more #disney inspired art then i think i will take a break from it and go back to nature 🍂 🍃
double tap your favourite disney art .. 😋👋🏻 .. i haven’t been making any new art besides my last few commissions cause I’m going through an art block 😩😭😭😭i hope to get some ideas soon ✨😤
prince eric’s castle 💫 swipe to see the sparkly details and let me know what you guys think 😁💙 .... andd I hit 100,000 subscribers with @noorahmad_art on youtube (ahmadart) woohoo 🎉 thank you for your support ✨🎨 andd the sparkly watercolors are from rusee on etsy! ________ 9 x 12 inches, original available, dm for info
.. New painting of Cinderella’s castle, what do you think? 😊 (original sold) Used Viviva Colorsheets & some metallic watercolours. ______________ My past few paintings have been reallyy colorful & the watercolors I’ve been using for them are from @Vivivacolors . ______________ In order to see if they were really “super vivid” I made several paintings using them, to experiment. As you can see for yourself, the colours are very vivid and saturated. My favorite colour amongst the 16 shades was the Violet, with which I made my Tangled painting (its in my recent feed). ______________ I do really like these colours as they are what Viviva Colors promises. The only thing I learnt the hard way by messing up my art was that a little goes a long way, the colorsheets are very saturated, so take a bit of color and build up as you go on. ______________ I would recommend you to try these colors out, they’re very colorful, don’t stain and are affordable. Check out their page here @vivivacolors
“You’re the Minnie to my Mickey” these mickey and minnie balloons were reaaaallly fun to paint 😁💙 let me know your thoughts ✨💭 commissions are open for 2 more weeks, so if you have any custom piece you want me to make, let me know soon (dm or email) .. Take care all 🎈✨ ______ 9 x 12 inches, original sold 🎈
• Hogwarts inspired 💙 let me know what you guys think 💭 • 9 x 12 inches, original sold
Paris skylines 🇫🇷 swipe to see the sparkly details✨ tap for materials used🎨 Which skyline do you want to see next? Originals for sale, dm for info 🎨
• another tangled scene inspired painting 💜💛 let me know what you think 💭 swipe for details! __________ • original for sale, 9 x 12 inches, dm for info 🎨
Inspired by Tangled 💜💙 the lanterns were very fun to paint 😁💛 I used @colirocolors for the gold 😁 ______ Original sold, prints will be available soon 💭 Paper: @fabriano1264 cold pressed 140lb
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