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Whenever it's winters and the wedding season or when I'm traveling I get very dry hair. I guess this is an issue that a lot of people face considering wedding season effects non hijabis too. Here is my routine that you guys have been asking for since ages. @palmolivenaturalspakistan * #Winterswithpalmolive #Palmolivecare #Styleyourhairwithpalmolive
So internet has always been a huge part of everyone's life but ever since we all got majorly dependent on ordering cabs from apps it's made our lives super easy but at the same time unavailability of data or phone dying can be one the biggest hurdle you can face. You can't really borrow a stranger's phone to order an Uber (who knows maybe that will be the new trend) I just came across that @uber * has launched another app called Uber lite which is so light on the battery and the data that you don't have to worry about that your phone dying and having to walk home. (I actually did have to walk 11km once because my phone had an issue). İt's launched in a few other countries as well so I'm really glad to hear about this initiative. Do look this up and have a look at all the features Uber lite will be offering. Comment below what are the stories you have when phone died and you needed it.
I don't normally post selfies but this, this I had to post. I want one. #dogs #dogo #art #phonephotography #istanbul #guzel #life #petselfie
Posting this picture from Essajees Islamabad because I happened to take a similar one in Istanbul's local market. have a clear look so we can compare with walaiti version.
When your not at home for your brothers birthday so you get everyone to wish you. Happy birthday @ammar_saqib #birthday #brother #birthdayboy #istanbul #turkey @jadeperle @alexanderchatterton @enochshi @phatdscustoms @thefunnyasianguy @jonny.boi77
Where does life take you if not a step closer to what you're meant to be. #istanbul #art #travelingalone #photography #life #lifestyleblogger #blogging #modestfashion #turkey
I always wanted to travel alone but when it actually happens aik dafa tou shit freeze hojati hay because that's when you realize that traveling solo means taking care of your self and handling the concequences if something happens. When Waleed and I were coming back from Bali I drank some juice I got from the airport that was bad and I got very very sick; running to the bathroom after 2 minutes and puking in random jakarta kay gamlay level sick, Since I couldn't do anything other than puke here and there Waleed hauled me (literally hauled me because he put me on top of the luggage and pulled me here and there while I layed on the bags and whined) so this time my main fear was my overly sensitive stomach and that no one was there to haul me this time. One thing I've realized traveling alone is that when you know you have an issue it's better to be safe than sorry so unlike last time im not venturing to eat anything that looks good but still seems shaddy or germ infested flight food even though I'm really hungry. Pakistan Kay prince biscuits say guzara chala rai Hun until I get good hygenic food. I'll share more thoughts into traveling alone and especially for female travelers as I gain more experience. Coment below what tips you have on traveling solo. #travel #travelingalone #istanbul #guzel #photography #art #love #events
Ever since I started blogging people have asked me what will I gain from this "Hobby" as they liked to call it but I've always believed in making your passion into a career. I'm headed towards one of my first international collaborations allhamdollilah (more to come in the future inshallah) to one of the most beautiful cities in the world to be a part of an event that being a hijabi always seemed like a dream. İnshallah I will be a part of the Modest Fashion Exhibition in Istanbul Turkey in this week. (İnsert a Mashallah here) I'll share my experience with you about how it goes and how the world looks at modest Fashion compared to Pakistan. Coment below your thoughts and prayers for safe travels. Ap logo ki Dua e khairat ki muntazir. Apki piyari, Aisha S Alam @lifestyleturkeyofficial 📷 @fawad_aslam #hijabifashion #art #istanbul #modestfashion #photography #travel #girlsgoneglobal #girlboss #red #turkey #guzel
Me running in 2019 towards something better. We all have set our resolutions to be better than we were before and for the first few months we all feel very excited to work on the new goals but gradually that enthusiasm decreases. Let's take a deep breath and think about what we are running towards more rationally. Whenever I feel that my goals are great but I might not be thinking about them rationally I research about the topic. I read and I watch YouTube videos about it so I know the best way to achieve my goals. Jazz* has recently launched a new offer to take care of all your researching needs with amazing internet and fast speed; you can achieve your goals faster now. Comment below what your goals are and how soon do you think you can accomplish them. #running #blogging #art #photography #dji #osmo #JazzSuper4G #DunyaKoBataaDo
Alot of you know that I've been very sick for the past month. Its so wierd being sick because even when the fault is in the foot the whole body somehow starts malfunctioning. It was so hard for me to keep up with my daily routine with mornings, work and late nights as per usual. I did my best to keep my morning and night routines very mellow because it was hard to focus on things that previously felt so important. Makeup for the last month was bare minimum for me for the sheer effort it needs. I was just using Rosehip Seed oil as a moisturizer because I couldn't Help but bring it down to only one product. Apart from washing my face brushing my teeth with @sensodyne_pk * deep clean was my only morning routine that I was doing ( this was more for other people's benefit than mine tbh :p) I think the only that I indulged in way more than normal was just standing below a simmering hot shower every now and then. Is it just me who comes down to bare minimum in routines whenever they feel sick.? #MySensodyneFlatLay #Sensodyne #PictureContest #TalkingPoint @talkingpointpk @sensodyne_pk #hijab #lifestyleblogger #life
It finally rained, and even though I was lethargic and lazy as ever I still managed to look half human and go out . I'm proud of myself. Sweater by @oldnavy Jeans by @hm Shoes by @fashionlistpk #rain #winters #art #phonephotography #hijab #lifestyleblogger #hijabifashion #modestfashion #guzel
This post is regarding something much serious than societal issues. I want you guys to Google article 13 and please do as much as you can so that we can put a stop to this. Article 13 is a copyright directive that is yet to pass in the European Union Directive. If this article is passed it will mean the end to internet as we know it because this directive suggests removal of any copy righted content from bigger mediums like YouTube Facebook and Instagram. Right now if there is a copyright claim the person himself will act upon it legally with minimal intrusion from the medium itself however the new article 13 directive suggests that the monetary fine and concequences will be on the medium itself. This will put all medium at a very strict stance to avoid any fines. If the article is implemented as it is, it will also mean that only the big authorized companies will be able to upload content. For example if you attend a concert, you won't be able to post stories, pictures or videos because of copyright and only the authorized organizers will be able to do that. This will put nearly all the content creators out of jobs. Our daily lives won't be the same and we won't have the access to put out information with freedom like we do now. I want you guys to do as much as you can to put a stop to this nonsense and use the hastags #saveyourinternet I have put the link in my bio so you can read more about Article 13 and see how we can be of help. This is not a European issue, this is a global issue! Tag all the bloggers you know, all the content creators need to talk about this more. #article13 #stoparticle13 #saveyourinternet ‼️ #saveyourinternet #contentcreator #blogger #hijab #freedom
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