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Mom, wife, greyhound owner, wine drinker, Motorsport lover, sister, daughter, reader, cross fitter, cyclist, etc.

Wanna see a full-on grown up meltdown? Head on over to the Willander’s house it’s gonna be entertaining. #problems #icanfixit #dustinsinbelgium
Both parents are away so @ashmo619 to the rescue with ice cream every day! 🙌🏻🎉 I can’t even think of a caption for J but if you know him you’re familiar 😂@dustinlee25
He loves this game. #soccer #futbol #allday
Shenanigans in Kansas City. This is how we #soccertournament
“They see me rollin’, they hatin’” @dustinlee25 @kevindederichs hope you were buckled up and wearing a helmet! 😂 #mercedesamg #racecarsinparkinglots
102.77 miles in 102 degrees which I’m convinced is what the face of the sun feels like. If anyone is interested in buying my bike it’s cheap but comes as is with no front brakes and a (super) wobbly front wheel. I am likely not ever riding said bike again so someone should give her a good home. @thehh100
I’ve worn these Justin Wilson socks the past two @thehh100 mile rides and they’ve come to be a lucky memento I wear once a year. It’s fitting to remember him on this day and every other. Thinking of those racers we’ve loved and lost and also those who we continue to pray for their recovery. #badasswilson #getwellwickens
1. Free kick that went just barely wide and 2. “Off-sides ref!” in today’s last game of Afton’s first #oefc tournament!
First day of big school for Jenson and first time for Afton taking this annual photo with someone else! J is in the same class as his friend Micah! Glorious day for us all! #theschoolformeisnhee @hillehille @smithfarm
Alpine sliding it. #breckenridge
Jenson got a litttttle out of control on the ropes course, but the rest of us ran out of talent on the alpine slide. However, no Willanders were hurt in the making of this IG post. @dustinlee25
Success is when one brother does not push the other brother into the creek. #needadrink #alsoneedoxygen @dustinlee25
My boys are back from a week and a half in Minnesota! I think they had fun. @dustinlee25 @nlj07 @terrywillander #minnesota #lakemary
This is how we #worldcup on a Sunday morning. Happy Father’s day @dustinlee25 ! #germanyvsmexico
Happy 10th birthday Afton! Don’t get too comfortable it’s only yours for the night! @dustinlee25 #porsche911 #birthdayboy #helovescars #noididntbuyaporsche
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