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Mom, wife, greyhound owner, wine drinker, Motorsport lover, sister, daughter, reader, cross fitter, cyclist, etc.

Hi from Naples! See ya soon! Yep we had McDonald’s today (it was kind of weird and I can’t unsee the bathroom situation) #italianvacation #willandervacay #stillhaventlostanykids
Today Positano full of beach shenanigans (see exhibit A for both children yelling at me) until Jenson got taken out by a big wave and then bathed his woes away (literally) in chocolate ice cream. #italianvacation #vacaywithkids #momswhodrink #ivelostcontrol
Toes in the sand, J-bird in the sea yelling at me for something. #tradeoff #familyvacay #italianvacation #ilovemyfamily #ipromise @dustinlee25
So much winning this weekend! But I’m the real winner with this expensive bottle of wine (not shown) #nokc #soccer #24hoursofnurburgring
I love this car #mercedesslsamg
J-bird deep in thought.
Before and after. For the love of the game? @nokcfc
The Willander family supports Oklahoma teachers! #oklahomateachers #teacherwalkout
Got the W today in front of the whole fam from Minnesota and scored a goal to top it off! @nlj07 @vickywillander @carlee_willander @dustinlee25
Haven’t posted any race cars in a hot minute and this one’s a beaut! #24hseries
If you know me and you know what this is you know this is a BIG deal. I'm proud of myself. Never could I have imagined I was capable of something like this. My coaches @trace.thews and @mpcook23 are fantastic! #crossfitopen2018 #18point1
In the mitten with this one for the weekend! @kb_drake
Ole #greyhound actually let me take a picture of him watching the Super Bowl #needlenose #whiteface #hesonly9
My top 9 are so funny to reflect on. What a year. Hoping 2018 is the best yet!
Traditional Christmas pjs with my boys, two nephews, and princess niece. @nlj07 @djans2007 @dustinlee25
Oh just on the road to Minnesota at 6a so we can watch #elclasico in the car! @dustinlee25 #soccerboys
Check out my new racecar my bubba got me for my fourth birthday! @dustinlee25 #thisisfour #jbird
First annual Nichols Hills Elementary school turkey shootout! I received a yellow card (bs) and Afton yelled at us the entire game for "missed shots" and such 🙄. Only two injuries (adults of course) and a good time was had by all! @meghanvancamp @lukejcoe @kileyycoe @katerox55 @williegt @dustinlee25 @aew40 and of course IG-less Country Club. #familysoccer #turkeydaytradition
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