follow the click.

This album has really changed our lives. We had this vision to create a concept album about the struggle to follow the click in our ears as the world around us changes. And now a year and a half later, we present to you, our incredible fanbase, THE CLICK DELUXE EDITION, with new songs to finish the narrative of The Click. Link in bio.
We seriously have such a kind fanbase. I see some other artists' fans and so many of them are angry and mean on social media. Never gonna take that for granted, you guys are so gentle and kindhearted.
Give a little whistle. Ticket link in bio.
USED TO KEEP IT COOL. Burn The House Down Official Video OUT NOW.
THANK YOU LONDON. We sold that shit out, what a great start to this tour. Quite the difference from the 150 people we played for last year 🙏🏻
It's a remarkable feeling to travel across the ocean and be greeted by a fanbase that shouts back the lyrics just as loud. The album, the live show, every part of this artistic project keeps growing✨
Can't tell if we're cool or not. Not sure I wanna be.
In art, you don't need to learn anyone else's rules. Put in 10,000 hours writing your own rules.
A story is starting to form.
Locking ourselves in the studio (the living room) for 10 days. Gonna see what kind of creativity emerges from complete immersion into the craft. 💡
Keep surprising people. Don't ever let them figure you out.
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