THE CLICK TOUR. A show you’ve never seen before. Not from us. Not from anyone. Tickets:

SALT LAKE CITY hell yes, biggest sold-out headline show yet. The entire building was about one song away from collapsing.
"Watch it on the news, whatcha gonna do? I could hit refresh and forget." -new song.
Getting close to an entirely sold-out tour. This thing just keeps growing. @originalpenguin
Back in the living room, writing something today. Something important.
Damn. Can't really believe what we're looking at. Thank you to our team and everyone who's believed in these weird ideas. We followed the click and it lead us to #1 on the @billboard Alternative Charts. Follow the fucking click in your ear.
This is our neighbor and he doesn't know all the words yet.
First leg of the The Click Tour done. You guys are changing our lives. Time to rest up before going at it again.
A life lived for art is never a life wasted.
follow it.
Biggest headline show to date. Orlando, sold out, 2100 strong.
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