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The whole mission as we work through this next album is to go places no one has gone before. To bring up ideas no one has dared to say out loud. And to sonically confuse everyone. 🔹album3🔹
When there’s a football field next to the venue and your very not athletic crew decides to race.
If you ain't runnin with it, run from it.
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Just got back home. What an incredible tour this has been. In this world it's so rare to find such intelligent, genuine, passionate people that show up in the numbers you guys do. . . 🎥@tylerrjackson
I think we may be creating our most imaginative, next-level work to date. 🔹album3🔹
The time Jack's hat was snatched. 🎥@tylerrjackson
There's a whole world to see.
I like when someone tells me they haven't heard of our band. It means we're still underground. And there's a certain excitement that comes from everyone that's underground with us. 🎥@tylerrjackson
CHICAGO FOLLOWS THE FUCKING CLICK. I really try not to brag, but we said this on stage tonight: we blew up in Chicago.
Probably my favorite moment of the show each night is during Turning Out. I look around and see people of every age, race, religion, singing "I'm a little kid, and so are you." I wrote it at such a personal, scary time in my life, and to see a 50 year old man admitting something like that, makes me think I've done something right in sharing it with you guys. 🎥@austinroa
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