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THE CLICK TOUR PART 2. On sale now. Good luck everyone. Ticket link in bio 🎻
Stop overthinking it and dive in.
A few months ago we conceptualized a tour. A live show experience that could transport audiences into our strange imaginations. We didn't know what to expect. We didn't know if people were gonna get it. And then the whole fucking tour sold out. You guys showed up like an army in every city. And yet, there were still so many people who couldn't get in to experience it. So now, we proudly present... The Click Tour Part 2. Tickets on sale 6/22
1 Year.
album 3 begins.
Used to keep it cool.
The time Jack got swallowed fully by the crowd. THANK YOU HANGOUT FEST.
Wrote this song about social anxiety and insecurity. It made us feel a little better, hope it helps you too. PRETENDER IS OUT NOW. @steveaoki @lilyachty
Creating something that's both unique and important is one of the hardest things to do. The Click Tour, from conception to completion, took a ton of methodical planning and physical effort from this ENTIRE team of talented individuals. Not just the 3 months of touring, but the 5 months of planning preceding it; working through every transition and every theatrical surprise, with machine-like precision. Both sonically and visually, this tour was probably the most unique and important piece of art we've ever made. THANK YOU.
In honor of the final show of this tour, we forced all the bands and crews to do this.
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