Akshaya Deodhar

Natak company @natakco Actress Official twitter handle @akshayadeodhar

Congratulations @amolnaik.cool ! #poojamol
Amol weds pooja ! #poojamol
Not only does this bag accommodates a lot of my things it just set a perfect contrast to my outfits! Thank you @coral_blushh for this.. #akshayadeodhar #coralblushh #bags #summer #vibrant #contrast
*KARMA* Think good thoughts, Say nice things, Do good for others, Everything comes back ! P.c - @anoojad
निवडणूक हातातून सुटू लागल्यावर पप्या साधणार डाव, शिवाप्पाच्या कुऱ्हाडीचा अंजलीवर घाव! अजिबात चुकवू नका, तुझ्यात जीव रंगला. सोम ते शनि सायं ७:३० वाजता.
Love for south! ❤️
राणा शिकार करणार की शिकार होणार? पहायला विसरू नका, तुझ्यात जीव रंगला, सोम ते शनि सायं ७:३० वाजता, फक्त झी मराठीवर!
Patience carries a lot of wait ! 😅 Stay happy stay blessed!
Every summer has its own story! White love. ❤️
Some jacket patterns made by @anoojad @bilwa_k . All for sale . DM to buy .
Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as outside ! Be smart ! Be casual ! Casual clothing by @anoojad @bilwa_k Happy woman’s day ladies !
Being unique is better than being perfect! Costume collection by @anoojad @bilwa_k
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