Albert Hammond Jr

Francis Trouble is here 😳 On tour now!

strangers how strange the feeling to be strangers who strain for feeling we're all strangers how strange the feeling to be strangers. #FrancisTrouble #Strangers 📸 @readysetjetset
i don't know the songs you like or the space to make it right it is life in slo-mo stop and go #StopAndGo #FrancisTrouble #sxsw2018 📸 @iq3photography
you're a cult in this place i don’t care watch my skull give and take i don’t care where will we go i don’t care #MutedBeatings #FrancisTrouble #sxsw2018 📸 @rwildhagen
look how easy we got fooled how cheap they bought and sold us rules wish we could've become friends without smoking their cigarettes #StopAndGo #FrancisTrouble 📸 @erina_uemura
is there something that you're looking for its hard to tell when your ears against the door nice shot, old flame cant stop but nothing lasts forever #francistrouble #teafortwo 📸 @la_mapguy
You were fucking amazing Phoenix! We are on tour now! Come taste the rainbow, come find us in city near you! #francistrouble #francistroubletour @flyingburritofestphx thanks for the video @zooroppa
i saw you as someone i want to trust i saw you as everyone i wanted to fuck oh baby i WANT i don’t know what’s GOOD for me well can't you tell i'm living proof of exile and hell #francistrouble #screaMER 📸 @la_mapguy
well come around i'm with a friend got some time i can't explain well what's your advice i don't even wanna say #DvsL #francistrouble 📸 @debidelgrande
my left side companion enjoys when we're not polite but he leaves me stranded when we get confronted by right #rockyslatenight #francistrouble 📸 @erina_uemura
you and i in time our minds evolved and everywhere we said we'd hear new ideas #HarderHarderHarder #FrancisTrouble 📸 @erina_uemura
Play it LOUD! Play it Proud! It's no longer mine today it's ours!
Guten Morgen :: Goedemorgen :: Bonjour !! More summer fun to come !! #francistrouble
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