Alec Baldwin

We are, without a doubt, ready for the Summer.
For some reason, he reminds me of Fred C Dobbs in TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE. “What’s three times $35,000?!?! I bet you a hunnit n five thousand dollahz you fall asleep before I do!”
I get her to myself tonight @hilariabaldwin
People ask me why I love this band and interviewed them, pre-big success, on my podcast. I love talented people. The most exciting thing in life is when someone hits a homerun, nails the gymnastics routine, plays that instrumental solo, reads a selection of their writing, sinks the epic putt, sings a gorgeous song. These guys are talented. It’s really quite simple.
It’s uncanny. Like the Blue Angels of eating.
Tres triste...
Perta has only released one single, but they share some unreleased music on my podcast this week. Listen to @heresthething link in bio
This is @pertabazulka of @pertamusic. When I first heard them perform live, my jaw hit the floor and I knew I wanted them on the podcast before they blew up. Listen to the next big thing at the link in bio.
When I first heard @pertamusic perform live, my jaw hit the floor and I knew I wanted them on the podcast before they hit it big. They’re my guests this week and they share some unreleased music and tell me what it’s like being on the edge of rock stardom. Listen at the link in bio. 📸: Michael Arellano
In the studio w @pertabazulka and @colinkenrick talking about @pertamusic . Show posts tomorrow link in bio tomorrow
Today marks the anniversary of my father’s passing: April 15, 1983. My father was a uniquely caring, dedicated, stern, smart and, at times, funny man who served as a public school teacher and coach for 28 years until his death at age 55. Beyond missing those who are no longer with us, beyond wondering where they have gone and how life might have been if they had lived longer, the loss of a parent sets in motion the “orphan clock.” The time when, after both parents are gone, one is an orphan in the world. With no one alive to parent you, which is a wondrous and vital calling. My mother is still alive, but the death of my father effected me tremendously and set me on a course of seeking other men to advise me. To care for me. Mentor me. No one has quite filled that position. A mother, a father, under the best of circumstances, though never perfect ones, are irreplaceable. I miss you, Dad.
Don’t get to see many shows these days. Picked a good one for today’s matinee.
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