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LOVE my @cardilloweightbelts resistance band! They will be available soon so keep an eye out! No bunching or rolling and it stays put! Also has the perfect amount of resistance for many different exercises. One of my favorites is to finish my glute workout with kick backs! Who’s training glutes today also!?? 🍑 #teamcardillo #cardilloweightbelts
🦋🌹You are entirely up to you 💖 #beyourself 💎
If you don’t know already...KNOW your worth then add tax! Never sell yourself short of what your worth. We are ALL the same value. Not money..your job..appearance..status..ect. Your character, authenticity and dignity is what matters. ALL you have to do is REALIZE your worth. Believe that! 🙌🏻 Not everyone will see that and that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone is willing to handle someone who knows what they deserve. We ALL deserve respect as humans. When you have high standards and expectations the rest will all follow into place. Don’t accept less! What you want is out there if you believe and take the proper time🙏 Don’t settle for what’s in front of you when you can strive for what your highest self needs. You can do better if your WILLING to and believe you can. Know your worth and never disrespect yourself ❤️ #knowyourworth
The best thing you will ever work on is yourself! I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions because it’s always time all year to work on goals. Why wait? I’m going to share with you guys a number one tip of mine when it comes to fitness! If your diet is not there then the results definitely won’t be... one of the biggest mistakes I see is not consuming enough PROTEIN. To get that shape you want you need muscle and fullness. Hence you need protein to grow. I know it’s a lot to eat and it can be hard so adding in a protein powder from @bpi_sports always gets me where I need to be. I aim for about 1 gram of protein per lb your lean body weight. No fillers and no junk what you see is what you get. If y’all have any questions please ask! ❤️ Direct links in my bio for everything Bpi 💥 #bpitip #teambpi #bestprotein
💥2018 has been such a year!💥 This year has been filled with growth and new opportunities! I’m so thankful for the good things AND the bad. I’ve started to learn new things from bad experiences. That’s how we grow as people. It’s all about your daily habits, actions and beliefs. What are you actually DOING to better yourself? 🤔 Every struggle has only made me stronger and able to think more deeply. When your in a growth mindset you see opportunities in everything instead of a hassle. I’ve changed my life this year just by how I’m thinking and perceiving life. When you look at your blessings everything else becomes SOO irrelevant. So excited for another year 🙏 Ditch the bad habits..take care of yourself and get after your goals! #2019goals #growthmindset
Only picking the best 👌 I firmly stand by BPI Sports because I’ve used their products for several years. And I’ve had life changing results. My physique and strength has been better each year.From ingredients,quality,and taste they had me hooked! 😂 Everyday there’s a new sale going on so hit the link in my bio! 🔥 #teambpi #bpiathlete
As 2018 comes to an end.. ask yourself did you achieve the goals you set? Why or why not? Your the only one holding yourself back. 💯 That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year. Is that if you really want something.. you’ll spend the time&& work regardless. Enjoy your journey and the process 💘 #happysunday #teamcardillo
“What do you mean you haven’t tried One More Rep??”🧐🤣 A fire pre workout makes training that much better 🔥 If you’ve followed me for a while you guys know I’ve been loving One More Rep from @bpi_sports It has NO artificial colors, packed with amino acids, AND 500g natural beetroot! All making for epic blood flow, strength&& intense energy. Therefore gains in the gym! One scoop 15 minutes before you get there and you’ll be set. All in one pre workout 👌 Hit the link in my bio to get yours and save 💰 with my code ALESSA #onemorerep #bpisports
🖤If you always look at what you don’t’ll never have enough... If you look at what you already have you’ll always have more then expected🦋 @cardilloweightbelts @anc_boston #abundancemindset
Happy #thanksgiving week y’all! I’m going to share with you guys my holiday dieting tips... witch is it’s one day ENJOY IT! One day of not tracking is not going to make you fat. It’s a lifestyle and that means balance! Not saying go crazy all week but one day is fine. You can still enjoy different foods within moderation also and around the times you train! Another thing is I always start my morning off with my liquid Carnitine. Or I sometimes drink it throughout the day. It’s a natural fat burner! Plus super easy to throw in your bag since it’s a small bottle. Squeeze into your beverage of choice and there ya go! Doesn’t have to be complicated 🙌🏻 Snow cone flavor is my fav 💦 @bpi_sports is now doing Black Friday, hit the link in my bio for the direct website for 35% off ❤️
#motivationmonday 💥 On the left I was 16. On the right I’m 24 currently. So much work and time has passed between these two photos. It goes to show no matter your circumstances you can make a change if you want it BAD enough. I don’t believe in any excuses for anything. If your truly committed to helping yourself then you WILL make it happen. Find a way and get creative. Not just bodybuilding. Was this easy? HELL NO. I wanted to quit, but I never did because I wanted change bad enough. Although bodybuilding is very much mental as well. Not only did I transform my body but most importantly my mind. I pushed myself day in and out and showed myself what I’m capable of. There’s never a “right time”. The right time is NOW. Your life is now, why wait? The sky is the limit with a strong mind and confidence. Believe in yourself regardless. #dedication #noexcuses
Popping in today to share with y’all a new favorite I’ve added into my routine! 🤠 CARNITINE 🙌🏻 From the liquid water enhancer collection by @bpi_sports Carnitine is a natural fat burner and amino acid. I’ve been simply squeezing this into my water in the morning with fasted cardio. Super easy and convenient in the small bottles. I’ve definitely seen a difference in scorching stubborn fat! Also helping to keep my muscles hydrated and full. Plus it tastes amazing, snow cone is bomb 💥 Just because summer is over doesn’t mean work is done. Don’t forget you save 20% off all BPI with my code ALESSA at checkout. Links in my bio! 😘 #carnitine #teambpi
Yesterday’s #deadlifts 💀👻 Spooky enough for Halloween 🎃😂 This powerbelt from @cardilloweightbelts tho 😍👌 Usually I wear a thinner belt but when doing heavy compound movements I’m going to be wearing this one a lot more. I definitely felt better! Especially on deadlifts. It’s important to me to help protect my back and core. I want to be lifting as long as I can lol. It’s made a huge difference in my training this past year. And peep the One More Rep by @bpi_sports I always have on hand, literally gives it its name 😭 I definitely needed the energy. Who else loves #cardilloweightbelts ? 💜💪🏼 #cardillogiveaway #teamcardillo
There’s something new to be learned from every situation. Good or bad. Let life teach you instead of break you. Never settle for less. Never stop showing up for yourself. Happy Sunday 😊 #livingmybestlife
If it scares me,and helps me grow I’m doing it! It’s my new thing 😏 Everything happens outside that comfort zone. #getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable
Whatcha holdin there girl? 🤯 These liquid water enhancers from @bpi_sports are bomb 💥 I’ve been taking the Carnitine one. Carnitine has SO many benefits. ✍️Its a natural fat burner. It transports fat into the mitochondria cells, once there it burns off fat for fuel ⛽️ 💪🏼 Supports athletic training and muscle building. Snow cone flavor is my favorite. I usually drink this with my water throughout the day. I’m drinking about a gallon a day. You just squeeze into your water! How easy 🎉 Code ALESSA saves y’all 20% on all BPI 😘 #bpisports #bpiathlete
Nothing sexier than a strong minded && confident woman! 🌹 Never lose sight of your hustle and what’s best for you. End && recognize the self sabotaging behavior,and get on the right path. When you don’t work towards your best self, your wasting your days. Life is way too short. Only you can do it! Let’s work! 💪🏼 If any of y’all have any questions on how I stay positive in hard times drop a comment! 💥
Hey guys! I wanted to pop in and let y’all know of some really good sales to stock up on. BPI is offering FREE shaker and shipping with orders $65 and over. Use code SHAKER Anddddd save 25% off all Keto && fat burners! Plus free shipping $49 and up. Use code FALLBURN Direct link is in my bio to their website! #bpisports #bpiathlete
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