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#motivationmonday 💥 On the left I was 16. On the right I’m 24 currently. So much work and time has passed between these two photos. It goes to show no matter your circumstances you can make a change if you want it BAD enough. I don’t believe in any excuses for anything. If your truly committed to helping yourself then you WILL make it happen. Find a way and get creative. Not just bodybuilding. Was this easy? HELL NO. I wanted to quit, but I never did because I wanted change bad enough. Although bodybuilding is very much mental as well. Not only did I transform my body but most importantly my mind. I pushed myself day in and out and showed myself what I’m capable of. There’s never a “right time”. The right time is NOW. Your life is now, why wait? The sky is the limit with a strong mind and confidence. Believe in yourself regardless. #dedication #noexcuses
Popping in today to share with y’all a new favorite I’ve added into my routine! 🤠 CARNITINE 🙌🏻 From the liquid water enhancer collection by @bpi_sports Carnitine is a natural fat burner and amino acid. I’ve been simply squeezing this into my water in the morning with fasted cardio. Super easy and convenient in the small bottles. I’ve definitely seen a difference in scorching stubborn fat! Also helping to keep my muscles hydrated and full. Plus it tastes amazing, snow cone is bomb 💥 Just because summer is over doesn’t mean work is done. Don’t forget you save 20% off all BPI with my code ALESSA at checkout. Links in my bio! 😘 #carnitine #teambpi
Yesterday’s #deadlifts 💀👻 Spooky enough for Halloween 🎃😂 This powerbelt from @cardilloweightbelts tho 😍👌 Usually I wear a thinner belt but when doing heavy compound movements I’m going to be wearing this one a lot more. I definitely felt better! Especially on deadlifts. It’s important to me to help protect my back and core. I want to be lifting as long as I can lol. It’s made a huge difference in my training this past year. And peep the One More Rep by @bpi_sports I always have on hand, literally gives it its name 😭 I definitely needed the energy. Who else loves #cardilloweightbelts ? 💜💪🏼 #cardillogiveaway #teamcardillo
There’s something new to be learned from every situation. Good or bad. Let life teach you instead of break you. Never settle for less. Never stop showing up for yourself. Happy Sunday 😊 #livingmybestlife
If it scares me,and helps me grow I’m doing it! It’s my new thing 😏 Everything happens outside that comfort zone. #getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable
Whatcha holdin there girl? 🤯 These liquid water enhancers from @bpi_sports are bomb 💥 I’ve been taking the Carnitine one. Carnitine has SO many benefits. ✍️Its a natural fat burner. It transports fat into the mitochondria cells, once there it burns off fat for fuel ⛽️ 💪🏼 Supports athletic training and muscle building. Snow cone flavor is my favorite. I usually drink this with my water throughout the day. I’m drinking about a gallon a day. You just squeeze into your water! How easy 🎉 Code ALESSA saves y’all 20% on all BPI 😘 #bpisports #bpiathlete
Nothing sexier than a strong minded && confident woman! 🌹 Never lose sight of your hustle and what’s best for you. End && recognize the self sabotaging behavior,and get on the right path. When you don’t work towards your best self, your wasting your days. Life is way too short. Only you can do it! Let’s work! 💪🏼 If any of y’all have any questions on how I stay positive in hard times drop a comment! 💥
Hey guys! I wanted to pop in and let y’all know of some really good sales to stock up on. BPI is offering FREE shaker and shipping with orders $65 and over. Use code SHAKER Anddddd save 25% off all Keto && fat burners! Plus free shipping $49 and up. Use code FALLBURN Direct link is in my bio to their website! #bpisports #bpiathlete
🌹To give less than your best your sacrificing your gift 🎁 Always give your best, don’t ignore your calling! #nevergiveup 💪
Happy Friday! Make sure if your training you take your One More Rep 😤 I seriously have made so much progress this year and I could not have done it without the supplementation from @bpi_sports Top shelf quality has never let me down! If your struggling my advice is get in a scoop of that One More Rep.. put on some music and get moving! The more you sit around the more tired you’ll feel. I know something that helps me is just getting moving, and you’ll feel more energy. Don’t forget to believe in yourself 💪🏼 #onemorerep #teambpi
Want to build your shoulders? I’ll give you guys some of my favorite exercises and tips!👇🏻 💥Shoulder press with dumbbells 15 reps, then I do sets of 8. Choose a weight that’s challenging! 💥Upright rows supersetted with side lateral raises 12 reps each. 💥 Front raises with ez bar again suppersetted with lateral raises. I love super sets and higher reps so I can get in cardio also. Plus that brings out muscle definition&& quality. I also LOVE wearing my weight belt when I lift, it’s from @cardilloweightbelts as well as the wrist wraps when I’m pressing heavy. Eat well and train hard! If y’all have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 💪🏼 #cardilloweightbelts #shoulders
💥Whatever your goal may be get after it!💥 Stop wishing and hoping and put in the work. It’s ok to be nervous... that means you care! We all get nervous when deciding to accept a challenge. Conquering those challenges even when your afraid gives you new found strength&& courage every time! Take that nervous energy and turn it into something positive. Do it afraid. #acceptthechallenge #growthmindset
💥Never stop dreaming 🌹 #bikelife
If you make up an excuse for everything, nothing will ever get accomplished! It’s easy for most people to stay in that comfort zone of self sabotage. “Well this happened that happened blah blah...” Cut your own BS ✂️ Truth is your the only one who’s holding yourself back. If you aren’t seeing results then why not make a different game plan? For one YOU are in control of your life. Second YOU are in control of making yourself happy. Not anyone else. Third you are capable and worth it! You DESERVE to be happy! If you believe it then you can make it happen. Change your perspective and outlook to see the good in every situation. As always think and discuss positive things rather then obsessing over what you can’t control. Being toxic everyday leads to hardships and overall wasting your own time. Life is soo beautiful when you allow yourself to experience it! Happy #humpday 🐫 💥 🎉
To find your purpose you have to look at your passion 🌻 🌹 @bpi_sports One More Rep is a game changer to the pre- workout world. If you want fat burning, gains, strength, energy && focus then this ones for you 💥 I take this everyday before I lift and do my cardio. I prefer this because of the key ingredients 👏 Code ALESSA saves you 20% off all #bpisports #teambpi #onemorerep
The more negative things you think about the MORE negative experiences your going to have. The more you surround yourself with toxic people, the more toxic your life will become. That really hit me today when I saw someone else mention that. It’s SO true. Your thoughts are ENERGY. So why dwell and do that same thing over and over that’s not working? Use your energy wisely! It’s YOUR choice. Why waste your life on bs when you can be living and be happy? If your miserable then take a look at your choices and thought habits. I myself work on this everyday. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Surround yourself with good hearted people. Replace fear with faith. Is it easy? Hell Nah but it’s well worth it when you feel changes in your life. Once you keep up with it and make it a habit you’ll notice the difference. I hope you all have a blessed day and that this helps someone 💜
Loving this new suit! I decided on red as I feel like it’s a good color for me. It’s from @ravishsands 👌 If you’re looking for competition bikinis or swimwear definitely check them out 🔥 #ravishsands #bikini
🔥 Don’t miss @bpi_sports Labor Day sale! 💥 Get all your favorite products 35% off and free shipping with orders over $49. I recommend any of the pre workouts😏 Direct links in my bio 🔌 #onemorerep #bpiathlete #bpisports
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