Alessandra Antunes

be good ❥ vancouver, bc

sweet summertime
let’s getaway ✿ what’s your favourite beach destination?
‘cause I’m baby blue, I wish I was your baby too
darling, can’t you hear our favourite song?
hot summer heat
Trying to show you what I dream of 💫
Who else likes jumping on hotel beds 🙋🏻‍♀️
every corner of Mykonos ✨
Lookin’ for a captain ⚓️
You’ve got heaven in your eyes
Darling, there is a place that I want to go with you
Little bit of adventure & good company ✨
I can still feel your sunlight ✧
You make me wanna make mistakes
Won’t you let your colours run
to be soft is to be powerful 🌿
What a catch 🎣
Greensicle smoothie with a smile
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