Alexander Scheffczyk | Bavaria

27 y/o 🧗🏻‍♂️Mountaineer based in munich🌍 Next Destination✈️📍 👉🏻 📩

we were lucky enough to meet an intervention weather in the evening😍😍😍 . . . @voyaged @bergwelten @visuals.collective @artofvisuals @natgeoyourshot @awesome_earthpix @earthfocus @globetrotterde
As I have my birthday today I thought, I go to the sunrise on the Thaneller😍@thetomhope [Werbung] @thevisualscollective @artofvisuals @natgeoyourshot @awesome_earthpix @earthfocus @globetrotterde
The autumn has arrived us , do you like the great fall colors?🍁🍂 @visuals.collective @artofvisuals @natgeoyourshot @awesome_earthpix @earthfocus @globetrotterde
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