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a friendly reminder, a gentle nudge. you deserve the love that you so freely give to others. to nurture yourself isn’t selfish—it’a necessary. an empty pitcher can’t fill anyone’s cup. | #selfcare#selflove
Ila got her first cold a couple of months ago, we were all sick and it was awful. The first thing we did was go out and buy @hylandshealth 's Mucus + Cold Relief. It worked for us, Hyland's works for us. I feel good using all of their offerings with Ila. . . What sells me every time is that their products are made with natural active ingredients and they are free of artificial flavors, sugars, dyes, and parabens. The nighttime cold relief was our saving grace! Ila was able to get some sleep and nasal decongestion. . . Before this partnership, we were Hyland customers. Being able to share authentic, what works for us goods is important to me. So as we walk into cold season, my husband and I will continue to arm ourselves with things that work! . Swipe for some baby belly laughs and joy. The second picture cracks me UP! . . #hylands , #FightThatCold , #ad
note to my younger self.
I remember thinking we would never get you, that you would never make a home in me. We waited and waited, wanted and longed for your presence in our life. Me, daddy, and sissy did. I remember so vividly when the baby before you didn’t make it, the devastation was debilitating. Daddy and I’s patience ran thin, and at times, all I could do was cry out for you—even before I knew your name. Thank you for choosing us, Ila. Thank you for teaching us that patience can bring abundance. That you for making a home out of my body. You’re here. You’re whole. You’re healthy. We love you. If there was a word stronger than love I would wrap you in it, to show you just how special you are. Pregnancy after miscarriage was hard. I thought every single day we would lose you. But we didn’t. You arrived, and we are grateful. You’re our rainbow after the rain. Our glory after the grit. | #rainbowbaby 🌈
because self-choosing isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. because healthy boundaries build resilience and self-respect. because evolution promotes shedding and starting over. because staying stuck isn’t an option for me. because my self-care matters—entirely. . . what are your reasons for letting go/releasing/shedding?
My phone’s photo album reminded me that a year ago today, these images were taken. My oldest daughter took them. I had 3 more months to go before giving birth. Time flies! So much has changed over the past 12 months. Ila is now 8.5 months old, getting teeth, trying to walk, loving us so hard, and running the show. I’ll have these images forever—images that her big sister captured. What a magical memory.
note to my younger broken shattered self: you are whole, even in pieces.
@todayiaffirm : I am growing through grief. I can make it through this.
Notes on self-celebration: This image was taken 3 months after giving birth. Time has wings, and I wish mine would land somewhere for safe keeping, just for a second or two. My children are embodied time which makes me both happy and sad. The dueling feelings of start and stop are really real these days. . . So much unfolding and shedding has happened since the birth of my second daughter. There’s so much power in that statement for me. I’ve carried their magic and power in my body. I’ve been a home, to not only them, but their future children—if they choose to bear them. What an honor. A blessing. A gift. I realized today that I want to do better at celebrating myself, the time I have, and the joy that passes through my life. Here are some ways that I stepped into that this week: 1. Letting love love me. Making space for it to nudge my heart into a place of understanding and radical acts of self-choosing, forgiveness, and progression. 2. Buying flowers for myself. Vibrant ones that reflect the beauty and joy I want in our home. 3. Walking my oldest girl to school w/o rushing. Being more present, more patient, more purposeful with her. Listening to her stories, giving her space to ramble as she tells me about her day. 4. Scrubbing my body in the shower, masking my face, washing my hair, massaging my scalp—cuz I’m worth it. Cuz I need it. 5. Shedding my pain freely without harsh criticism. Allowing my grief room to root and grow minus the shame, being gentle with the weeding process of my mending. Staying soft but honoring the strength and tenderness of my heart. On today and every single day coming, I hope you’re pausing, reflecting, and basking in the moment. You’re worth it.
note to younger self: don’t shrink for the comfort of others, especially if your goal is to fit into their heart. you won’t. find a human w/ a heart big enough for your love.
Raising kind humans even in the thick of teething, meltdowns, and insane crankiness. Ila was NOT having much of any thing. Her cutting her first tooth has been a doozy... . . My moments of #selfcare in #motherhood this week: 1. Gave myself the time to go to my restorative yoga class—even though I was exhausted, it felt good to show up + stretch. 2. Gave myself the space to say no without feeling bad about it. 3. Journaled without judgement. 4. Dressed up and got out of the house by myself yesterday. 5. Gave myself grace and compassion when my anxiety soared through the roof. 6. Shared with my husband how he could support me through my anxiety. 7. Sleeping w/ my phone on airplane mode for a more restful night. This week was challenging but good. I’m proud of myself. . . Name some of your self-care practices that made you feel whole and good below. I would love to read them!
@todayiaffirm : i will name what i need. i will speak up. i will stand tall and ask for help when i need support. the work is in the doing. i give myself permission to be shameless and guilt free when showing up.
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