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A5 Wagyu • Japanese-Influenced Menu Bar Opens 5pm Mon-Sun | Dinner Service: Sun-Thurs 5:30-9pm ~ Fri/Sat 5:30-10pm Dates&Tickets to #bigashfeast 👇

Fun Fact: Hoshigaki, Japanese-style dried persimmons, are delicately hand-massaged throughout the drying process until the sugars from inside the fruit rest outside its surface.
Where the magic happens 💥
Our Chef’s Tasting Menu features the Grilled Octopus with purple cauliflower, romesco, and huckleberries.
When the Prime is bigger than your face ...
Have you tried our Shaved Brussel Sprouts salad yet ? 😛
$1 for an ounce of the world’s most luxurious @vodkabeluga and @therealtsarnicoulai caviar bump for today only. Limit one per person. #happynationalvodkaday
Starting at 5:30 p.m. we’re hosting a tasting of the world’s most luxurious @vodkabeluga and @therealtsarnicoulai caviar. Come by to learn more about this complimentary duo. #happynationalvodkaday
TOMORROW is #nationalvodkaday so come by our bar to learn about caviar and the world’s most luxurious vodka. @vodkabeluga and @therealtsarnicoulai
Old school cookin’ 🥩 #wagyuwednesday
We appreciate you a-latte ☺️ (📷: our barista, Pablo) Alternative text: a latte with a flower heart next to a green floral arrangement
It’s still #beeskneesweek so come by this weekend and try our Katz Bee’s Knees cocktail featuring @barrhillgin Tomcat Reserve! 🐝 A portion of proceeds will be given to preserving our bee populations. Alternative text: A bottle of Barr hill Gin Tomcat Reserve position next to our tasty Katz Bee’s Knees cocktail featuring honey, lemon, and orange blossom
Market daze 😛 Alternative text: a pile of asian pears against a turquoise backdrop.
Our bar director is back from Sochi, Russia. Read on to see what he has to say about his trip! “It was a privilege and a honor to represent the U.S. in the 2018 Beluga Signature Global Competition. It was an incredible experience, but I’m happy to be home.” •• Alternative Text: A portrait of our bar director, Gedeon, smiling.
Wave 👋 to our old uni toast, it just got a makeover !
Savoring the last days of summer and the heirloom tomato season. 😢
Three-day weekend feels! 😆#happylaborday (s/o to our Junior Sous Chef @shanitab0nita coming in on her birthday today !) #chefslife #hbd
The best of the best. Do you agree? ( 📷: @sean_widger )
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