Alex Kydd

Ocean & Nature Photographer Freediver Coral Bay, Western Australia 📍 Join me onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions

Ningaloo Reef nevers ceases to amaze. We have been extremely fortunate to have a third orca sighting this season and one of those sighting was witnessing a hunt. . . . Photos taken onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions . Shooting with @nikonaustralia D800 with 300mm f/4
Its not everyday we get crystal clear water and our favourite manta ray ‘Isobel’ 🙌😄 . . Taken on tour today @ningaloomarineinteractions
Hanging out with some very chilled out green turtles in Coral Bay. When I first found this guy he was scratching himself on the branching coral!🌱🐢 Filmed onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions
Marlin on the Ningaloo ~ my first encounter. Photographed today onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions
Orcas!! 🐼🐋 Watch the first clip closely as mumma pushes the calf closer to the boat. Just another extraordinary day on Ningaloo Reef. Filmed onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions
A stunning sunset in the bay with @sophiebbrowne #35mm #justanotherdayinWA . . Shooting with @nikonaustralia D810 with 16-35mm and @aquatech_imagingsolutions
A large manta ray surface feeding on the Ningaloo Reef.
If you like hanging out with sharks check out the guys from @oneoceandiving 🦈. This was an experience that I will never forget!
‘Man’s best friend 🐕’ Looking back at some beach days spent in Melbourne with the bro and his pooch ‘Finnegan’. . . . Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
Sun rays on a beautiful tiger shark. . . Filmed onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
Hanging out with the boss 🐢 . . . Photo taken onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
Photo by @justingilligan. A ‘behind the scenes’ moment of myself photographing yesterday’s tiger shark. We don’t often encounter sharks that allow this close interaction. This beautiful shark we were fortunate enough to swim with twice over the last two days. Taken onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions
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