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Ocean & Nature Working with @ningaloomarineinteractions 📍Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia 🔽 Donate to Earthquake Relief 🔽

The sand monster and @ellemayell 🥞 . . Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
A brief but very memorable swim with this beautiful 3.5 metre tiger today. I was fortunate to share this swim with a group of 8 guys on today’s tour. All them had never seen a tiger shark and never thought about ever sharing the water with one. Afterwards they were all stoked and couldn’t believe it! Once you share the water with a beautiful big shark like this your whole perception changes and its something you will never forget. #savesharks #itstheirocean . . Filmed at 100fps with @paralenz On tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions . . @discoversharks @ocean @discoverocean @sharkconservation_australia @oneoceandiving @sharkeducation @fathomlesslife @seashepherdaustralia @apexharmony
How amazing are octopus! Spent some time with this guy today as he walked around the reef changing colour and searching for food. Most I encounter at this site are pretty timid but it seems this little occy is not too shy 🐙👋. . . Filmed today on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions . . @ocean @fathomlesslife @octonation @carnarvonvisitorcentre @australiascoralcoast @westernaustralia @australia @discoverocean @paditv @passportocean
Turtles chasing turtles in the waters of @heronisland 🐢🏝💕 . . Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
Eagle ray breach! I recently witnessed this eagle ray breaching whilst out with @ningaloomarineinteractions. He/she looked to be attempting to remove something that was causing it quite a discomfort! Probably a remora from what we could see in the photos? You can see in the footage its rubbing its face and body into the sand. Amazing to witness it from above and below 🦇 . . . . Filmed with @paralenz Filmed on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions . . @ocean @discoverocean @discoversharks @australiascoralcoast @westernaustralia @australia @paditv @fathomlesslife
Leopard shark found hiding amongst the seaweed. Shark fact 👉 Unlike many other species of shark, leopard sharks don’t have to constantly swim to breathe. They breathe by pumping water through their mouth and over their gills. This breathing method is known as buccal pumping 🦈. Have you ever encountered a leopard shark/zebra shark before? . . Photo taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
A few clips from today’s incredible whale watching! Two adult humpback whales interacting with the boat for about 45 minutes. Listen to the audio and you can hear the moment I cop whale spray to the face 😂 apologies for the ordinary filming... It was very windy 😄 Filmed today onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions . . . @fathomlesslife @ocean @discoverocean @australiascoralcoast @westernaustralia @australia @wildlifepage @diveeasy @passportocean @carnarvonvisitorcentre
A green sea turtle and its remoras in the clear blue waters off of the Gili Islands. This shot was taken freediving at ‘Turtle Point’ . . Diving with @mantadivegilit . . Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
An up close encounter with an eagle ray on Ningaloo Reef ! . . Photo taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
Osprey and his recently caught fish 🎣 . . . Shooting with @nikonaustralia D800 with 200-500mm lens
An incredible encounter with a large tiger shark in the shallows of Ningaloo Reef. She seemed unbothered by our presence as @justingilligan and I swam along beside her. Would join me for a swim with one of these beauties? . . Photo taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions
Please read 👇 Some photos from recent trip to the gilis and diving with some incredible people. There are some amazing efforts going on for the people of Lombok and Gili Islands. The dive shops, instructors and others on the island are working side-by-side to help restore the islands and help with relief efforts by sending supplies (food, water, supplies) to those in need in Lombok. Thousands of dollars have been raised by scuba divers setting up GoFundMe pages to support those in need. Please donate if you can. Every dollar counts 💙 Check out the link in my bio and my stories for more info. Many thanks 🙏 #gilistrong #lombokstrong @mantadivegilit @wanderingherb @alfredminnaarphotography
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