Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Liverpool FC and England international Management: Snapchat 👻: Alex_Ox15rerr

25!! 🎂 Thanks for all the birthday love, means a lot ❤️
She lookin’ , she look like she classy
✔️ @nike
Sun is down, freezin’ cold 🌅
Lookin’ like a fisherman.... 🎣
A view helps, but it doesn’t take all the pain of treatment away 😅 good session this morning with the club physio 💪🏽
It’s been a tough few months, dealing with the biggest set back of my career to date at such a promising time, but these things happen. It’s always good to get away, clear the head and recharge... 🔋☀️
Hot Summer 🔥
◼️◻️◼️◻️ @nike X @off____white
📸 @nivea_uk
Training done 🗓✔️ @nike
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