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I tell stories with photography & film @strohlalex France raised, Montana based. Watch my new photography workshop ⬇️

Really proud of you for constantly pushing your limits so we can spend more time together up here.. Keep kicking ass 💪🏻
The rainforest of coastal British Columbia. Got really inspired to go into the archive looking for forest images after seeing the movie “Treeline” at the Banff Film Festival last weekend.. It’s the most beautiful film I’ve seen this year. Here’s the trailer if you’re curious - or just google treeline Patagonia film. It will make you appreciate every tree much more 🌲🌳🌴
LIFE UPDATE. For those of you who’ve been following @strohlalex you know that Andrea and I have been building our first home. I hesitated to share this here but it has been such a long (3 years..), exhausting, difficult, but rewarding project and we’ve learned so much along the way that I thought I’d open up. In case some of you are at a place in life to buy your first house and can benefit from this. I’m planning to make a few videos about the mistakes we’ve made and what we’ve learned on YouTube in the coming months. In the meantime, here’s a little house tour. Is there anything you’d like me to cover in the video series about the build?
The evening surf on the wild coast of Portugal. After spending a month on the south west coast of France, landing in Portugal was a treat. Empty beaches, barreling waves and a warm breeze coming straight from Africa. This coast is worth a detour...
Basecamp in the Cabinet Mountains; Warming by the fire after a cold fall day in the hills. There was so many things I wanted to move before taking this photo: the hats, the bags, the camelback.. Then I realized I’d be making an idealized version of a campsite, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But as humans we have flaws, can be messy and this campsite is just a reflection of that. Ps. Did you see the yellow Thermarest transformers chair?
Counting the days before the snow covers the forest floor.. From a spontaneous moto ride with @isaacsjohnston and @elibclark through yellow larches and tight single tracks.. I don’t know that would have ever imagined living in a place with these views 30mn from the house.
Learn Storytelling. I feel like we’re going through changes in the photo world & Instagram. We find ourselves saturated with epic imagery and craving for something deeper, that connects us all, like a well told story. @finn and I spent the better part of 2018 making this workshop to help you navigate the times ahead so you can stand out through your work. We share everything we know. Join the 4000+ other photographers who’ve taken my workshops- Enroll at or at the link in bio- it’s on sale today🙏🏻
The colours of fall in Montana
Enjoyed this weekend spent by the ocean, felt like a full reset. Got me thinking about the notion of adaptability - often I hear other photographers say they “hate” shooting a certain environment. I think it’s normal to have personal preferences but it’s also healthy to embrace everything else outside of that comfort zone.. Making something out of any environment or condition is also part of the craft.. That’s it for tonight 😇
Caught in a blizzard
Might have found my favorite view point of the Livingston Range (Glacier National Park).. This unusually warm and sunny fall definitely makes heading out a treat. From an afternoon riding with @isaacsjohnston and @elibclark 🤙
From a moonlit drive through the Northern ranges of Iceland while filming for @jaegerlecoultre.. We couldn’t get our eyes off the mountain, so we turned around, pulled over and spent a solid hour at this spot playing in the snow.. #JLCPolaris
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