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Captured this during my short trip to Islamabad-Rawalpindi last month. Inspired by @usman_zubair 's picture. Jamia Masjid, Rawalpindi, Pakistan #Pakistan #Rawalpindi #travelawesome #travelinspiration #travellife #wanderlust #bbcearth #instagram #travelbeautifulpakistan #iropakistan #dawndotcom #picturepakistan
(Second phase of our trip to South Punjab) #saturdayspecial We wanted to capture some pictures of the Mazars in Multan on our way back to lahore from Muzaffargarh. So we had to reach there before sunrise. Thanks to Naveed bhai @awara_balouch he asked his driver to take us to Multan and we managed to reach the city before the morning. We set our tripods outside the tomb of Bahauddin Zakria and soon the light started spreading on the sky. We were lucky that it was full of clouds that morning, so the sunrise was very colorful. Probably the best sunrise i have witnessed so far. We ran towards Shah Rukan e Alam tomb so we don't miss the colorful sky and i ended up capturing these pictures. 4-5 picture was captured by @tahamalix #Pakistan #Multan #travelphotography #travelinspiration #travelawesome #travellife #traveldiary #traveladdict #instagram #passionpassport
While majority of our discussions and posts are limited to the mountains of Northern side of Pakistan. Let me share with you the most under-rated amd less explored side of Pakistan - Tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Taunsa in South Punjab. These areas are called Provincially Administered Areas (PATA) and are located in the Koh e Suleman mounatin ranges, bordering Balochistan. PATA Punjab is rich in minerals like uranium, gypsum, marble. Also, there are proven oil and gas reserves. Unfortunately the beauty of these areas haven't gotten as much exposure as the northern side of Pakistan, hence the economic condition isn't so good. Lack of public transport and other facilities and negative image developed over the years make it difficult for people to explore it. We got a chance to visit Zinda Peer and Gulki hill station in Tribal Areas of Dera Ghazi Khan in February 2017. Uniquely colored mountain ranges, friendly and hospitable people and beautiful culture make these areas worth seeing. I had a great time there and can't wait to explore more. Swipe to see some of the pictures that i captured during my trip. #Pakistan #Punjab #travelinspiration #travelawesome #travellife #traveldiary #travelbeautifulpakistan #iropakistan #dawndotcom #bbcearth Picture 1&5 are from Taunsa 2,3&4 from Gulki and last 5 pictures are from Zinda Peer.
#saturdayspecial 2017 started with lots of discussion among Malangi trekkers that where should we go for winter expedition. We wanted to go for an adventurous trek. So, finally decided to go for Makra peak in Kaghan Valley. But some of the members weren't ready to go for extreme adventure so instead of cancelling the trip we planned on a short trip to the Mushkpuri top in Galiyaat region of Abbotabad. . So, on Jan 28th, our trip begin. Considering the distance of Dunga galli from Rawalpindi, we wanted to do it in one day. But as we reached the galiyaat region snow/ice covered roads made it impossible for us to follow the schedule. The bolan that we rented from Pindi didn't have any chains so we had to push it for hours to be able to reach Dunga gali before evening. It took us 7 hours to reach there from Rawalpindi. Going to mushkpuri top wasn't feasible so we went for walk on the famous pipeline track. The next morning we woke up early and set out for the Mushkpuri top and soon found ourselves in knee deep layer of fresh snow. There was no track. So we had to make our way through the snow by following the posters placed on trees, which wasn't easy. None of us had proper snow shoes on, that made it even harder. After 4 hours of hike in thick layer of snow we reached a point where the track disappeard due to snow slide and moving further was a bit risky. So, we decided to go back to the hotel and then to lahore on the same day. :) . We couldn't complete the trek and turned back after doing approx 80% of it. We don't regret not completing it at all because we can always attempt for it again. Putting your life at risk just to show the world that you have achieved something isn't wise i think. So be responsible when you go for adventurous trips and know your limits. #Pakistan #travel #travelinspiration #travelawesome #travellife #traveldiary #bbcearth #travelbeautifulpakistan #dawndotcom #iropakistan #picturepakistan
3/3 Summer Trip 2016 Phase 3: Chota Deosai/Gultari, Deosai, Skardu, Khaplu/Ghanche Our plan was to reach Neelum Valley in Kashmir from Minimarg via Kamri pass. It required 2-3 days of trekking. But unfortunately we couldn't get permission due to its close proximity to the line of control. So, we had to go for the Plan B. Which was to visit Deosai and Skardu. After spending 2 nights in Minimarg, we left for Deosai early in morning on 5th day. Having heard so many stories about the 'Land of Giants', i was very excited. We reached Sheosar lake after approx an hour long drive from Chillam. The beauty of the lake was spell binding, it can easily be considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. After spending about an hour there, we moved ahead. Briefly stopped at Bara Pani and then moved towards Skardu and spent the night there. The next morning we visited Kharpocho fort and the Organic Village, which was so peaceful that i wanted to spend atleast a night there. But our group decided to go to Khaplu and we reached there at night. After visiting the Khaplu Fort, we came back to skardu and then took a bus to Rawalpindi. I still regret not being able to spend enough time exploring and capturing the beauty of Deosai and Skardu. Hope to go there again during spring 2019. :) . Total days: 8 Expense per head: approx Rs. 16k (lhr to lhr) Spent 4 nights in hotels and 3 in camps. . Picture 1 - Khaplu Picture 2 - Manthoka Waterfall Picture 3 - Bara Pani, Deosai Picture 4 - Gultari/Chota Deosai Picture 5 - Sheosar Lake Picture 6,7&8 - Deosai Picture 9 - Skardu Picture 10 - Satpara Lake #Pakistan #Skardu #travel #travelgram #travelinspiration #travelawesome #travelbeautifulpakistan #dawndotcom #iropakistan #picturepakistan #bbcearth #passionpassport
l 2/3 Second phase of our Astore trip in 2016 l We were all very excited when we left Rama Meadows to reach the place we had been dreaming about for months. Even though @images_by_hassan_awan Hassan bhai, our group lead, had acquired permission from Army after a long process, we weren't sure if we still had the rooms booked. But fortunately, after going through strict checking at various check posts, we finally made it to Minimarg and got a room for two days. The most beautiful place i have seen so far. Time that we spent exploring Minimarg and Domail, (which is another heavenly place at 30 mins of drive from minimarg), is indescribable. Pictures can't do justice to the actual beauty of this place but i hope these will give you pretty good idea. Those of you who don't know, Non-residents can't visit Minimarg without prior permission from Pakistan Army. Its a tough process but totally worth it. Last 4 pictures are from domail. #Pakistan
I have always been fond of this amazingly beautiful city. But i fell in love with it during my recent trip when i explored it a bit more. The calm and empty roads in morning, clean air and the serene view of the Faisal Mosque from Margalla hills are some of the reasons that make me envious of my friends who live there. :) . Couldn't take much pictures because the sky was a bit boring and colors stayed only for few minutes. Hope to go there again soon for better sunrise/sunset pictures. #instatravel #travel #travelbeautifulpakistan #dawndotcom #iropakistan #picturepakistan #mountainsofficial #instagram
One fine morning! #Pakistan #Kashmir
1/1 After our MKM trip in march 2016, we started planning a mega trip to AstoreValley. Astore is a very beautiful district of Gilgit Baltistan that offers variety of landscape and beautiful views of the killer mountain Nanga Parbat. . Our trip was divided into three phases. First one, that i'm going to share today, included Tarishing, Rupal, Herlling Koffer, Tup Maidan, Latoboh and Rama. . After 30 hrs of bus ride through the dry land of Diamer/Chillas in schorching heat of July, we reached Astore in evening where a jeep was waiting for us. From there we moved to Tarishing village and spent the night there in New Rupal hotel. . The next day we started our trek early in morning. Walking through the lush Rupal valley, amazing Herlling Koffer Base camp where you realize how big the Nanga Parbat mountain is, very tiring Bazhin Galcier and mesmerising Tup maidan, we reached Latoboh in evening. We were already drained because of the long walk, adding fuel to the fire, our guide told us that the mule that was carrying our camp and food had run away. So we had to spend a couple of hours in a small mosque there until our luggage was found. 😄. Then we camped right in the foot of The killer mountain. . Since our main attraction of the trip was Minimarg and we had to reach there on the booked date, we walked back to tarishing the next day and left for Rama Meadow in evening. Spent the night there, couldn't visit the Rama lake due to road blockage and started our journey towards Minimarg the next morning (that i'll share the next saturday) P. S. Posting it today because i was busy in Meetup yesterday. :) Picture # 1&6 are from Rama, 2&4 - Latobah, 3- Herrling koffer base, 5 - Tup Maidan, 7-Tarishing, 8&9 - Rupal . #instatravel #travel #travbeautifulpakistan #dawndotcom #picturepakistan #iropakistan #mountainsofficial #wanderlust #ppexpediayellow
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