Ali Zafar

A Seeker, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Painter, Poet, Humanitarian.

Poured our hearts out for you in “Sajna Door”. Out now. Link in bio. @teefaintrouble #20july
Man with the plan. Mr. @tahasadaqat
Thank you for the love #birmingham . Photo courtesy @tahasadaqat
Dear world. Here we come. The widest ever release for a Pakistani film! @teefaintrouble #20july #yrf @lightingaleproductions
Hello #London . See you tomorrow at the Grand Sapphire in Croydon for an evening of inspiration and humanity. Buy your tickets now. Link in bio. @tayabaorg #AliZafarFoundation #TeefaInTrouble @teefaintrouble
Thank you Dubai for your hospitality. Hello London. #teefaintrouble
Today’s Jalsa. MashAllah. 😊
Time to get serious! @teefaintrouble #20july
Come. Help us help. #London
Thank you for the love! @teefaintrouble #20july
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