Ali Zafar

A Seeker, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Painter, Poet, Humanitarian. (Posts made after 10-10-2018 are by AZ team)

Thank you all for your immense love and feedback for #teefaintrouble from India and all over the world after it having released last week on @netflix. Enjaaaayyyy!
“Overjoyed to see Alyza paint her first painting on canvas at 3.”
The beautiful Lahore and the Badshahi mosque and the even more beautiful @ayeshafazli
Teefa on Netflix :)
ANNOUNCEMENT: #Teefaintrouble now available in India and around the world (minus Pakistan/China) on Netflix. Enjoy!
“ Late night studio sessions can be taxing.” @sharoonleo @hassanbadshah
#teefaintrouble back on public demand!
“We always have a choice.”
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