Ali Zafar

A Seeker, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Painter, Poet, Humanitarian.

I swear these are not my glasses.
I don’t think I should shave and get pictures in front of flowers.
Tighten your seat belts. This ride is not for the weak hearted. #teefaintrouble
This man is magic. Director @teefaintrouble. Thank you sir for the opportunity. @tadpolefilms
The craze begins... #Fanmoment #Teefaintrouble
Every time I meet her, I love her more. #abidaperveen
Thank you #PiFF for honouring me with “Artist for peace.” Peace is the main necessity for progress. We need more and more artists and filmmakers to come to Pakistan and experience the diversity and possibilities that lie in this great land.
Imagine a day like this.
‪Great to have you guys #VishalBhardwaj and #rekha_bhardwaj and all other esteemed guests from India. Discussion today on future of music in films. Together we have so much to give to each other. Great initiative by #PIFF . Sultana Aapa and everyone involved.
Had a ball with all these studs and ladies!
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