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Yesterday the amazing @Motopaws volunteers joined us in saying yes to the pooch and no to the pataka. Together we were able to feed over 500 street dogs across 7 cities! This Diwali, let’s think about the animals and celebrate responsibly. Choose #PoochOverPataka
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5 people, 5 stories - why did they choose #PoochOverPataka . Why do you? Share an image with your pooch and tell us your story. Use the #PoochOverPataka . Let's celebrate a noise and pollution free Diwali.
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The sound of firecrackers can be stressful and an animal on the street might starve itself so that it doesn't have to leave it's hiding spot. So this year, celebrate Diwali the Coexist way by choosing to feed a stray in your neighbourhood in the day time! Choose #PoochOverPataka
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