Ali Hijazi

Learning is easy willing to put in the work is the hard part. Thanks to great friend Mike Jones @convenient.detail for teaching me what he knows. Also special thanks to @boostinphotography for the great shots!!
Happy Birthday Dad!! Let’s hope for a Dolphins Win!!!
Miramar 84 family dinner!!
What a bAss!!!! Let’s fish again tonight @natalia_stthomas
Buy the shirt!!!!!
Finally got the shirt! Can’t wait to see my brotha!!! #zanehijazi
It’s been too long!!! #peacock #reelhydra #bass #fatbass
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what gets you going -Jim Rohn @gymunity Best place to start that motivation!!
Another great day for that bAss!
Throw back Thursday!! Love me some bass!
96 Boyz back at it again!!!
Rather be fishing. #fishing #bass #basspro #cichlids #oscars
Three most beautiful women in the world!!
Great day for the beach!
Great day on the boat for the Waterway Clean-Up. #garbagepicker #PFD
Made Filet and scallops for the parents birthday dinners! Love you guys!
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