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After weeks of planning/rescheduling, I finally visited @aurorafestto on it's last day!🎡🎠 I had an awesome time and enjoyed every bit of it, especially the Mystical Worlds!🏔️The displays/lights were absolutely stunning and the magical creatures made it feel as if you were entering into a wintery fairytale-esque realm!❄️ You can watch my adventures in my insta highlights!💖
Happy 2019!🎊 May this year be filled with happiness, prosperity, inner peace, health, and endless amounts of LOVE iA!💝 Remember that you have the power to recreate yourself.👤 You are never stuck. You can think new thoughts and make new habits. It all starts with you!💪 Trust that there is a brighter future awaiting you. Believe in yourself and work hard bc God's got you!🙏
Which song best describes your 2018?🎶 Mine is 'Bounce Back' by @bigsean 💪 I took so many Ls this year but I always came back stronger, wiser ,and happier🙏! Happy New Year's Eve guys🎆 2019 we're ready for you! Be safe and enjoy!💖
Spreading some good ol' holiday cheer!🎄😇 Stay smiling and be kind to everyone, regardless of how they act towards you🎀 You never know what a person is really going through in their personal life. Your kindness and positivity may be what changes their heart/mood/mind/day if they've been having a rough time!💖
Hello December❄️ What are your plans for the final month of 2018?!💭 I'll be taking time to re-center myself and think about what I'd like to achieve in the upcoming year!🤔 I know it's a little cliche to wait for the start of a new year to implement change and reflect🙈 but man oh man, what a hectic year it's been for me!😬 Filled with so much love, pain, laughter and Growth! Alhamdulillah for all of it!🙌 So 2019 approaching is kind of symbolic for me, and defs a time when I'll be closing the door on things that weigh me down and opening myself up to the beautiful opportunities that await me, inshAllah!🕊️
I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress my mom got me from @tommyhilfiger 😍 Not only is it super cute, but it fits perfectly + is so easy to move around in!👗 AND the material doesn't irritate my skin🙌 Bc there's nothing more annoying than an itchy sweater dress made of wooly fabric, am I right?!😐 Thoughts?💭💖
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass☔. It's about learning to dance in the rain!🌧️☺️ ... Quite literally when this picture was taken aha😋🙈 photo taken by: @henrylstephanie 💖
Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, but this hour💖
What's your favorite season?💭 Can you tell mine's is Autumn?🙈 I'm forever in love with the mesmerizing hues of the changing leaves around me!🍁 It's a time when everything ordinary becomes extraordinarily beautiful💖 I've definitely been taking my sweet time strolling through nature and taking it all in!😍
One thing I've learned this year is that there's strength in vulnerability💗. Anyone can put up a guard and not show their emotions, but it takes true courage to be able to experience and express how you feel to others and with yourself. I used to be the girl who always had a solid poker face🎭 and now I'm becoming the girl who isn't afraid to say what she feels/thinks💃 Easier said than done but let me tell you it's incredibly freeing and empowering to just be authentic and true to yourself!🌹
Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall🍁🍃
There's always something to be learned from the people that we meet and the things we experience. Until we face and overcome the challenges presented to us, we'll continue to go through the same problems. Be open minded and look at a situation from all angles bc good or bad, it'll lead you to greater self discovery and growth! It's all about perspective👉Life is happening FOR us and not against us!!🌹
Had an absolute blast celebrating @sse_71 and @omaimaanwar wedding!🎉👰🤵🎉 It's such a wonderful feeling to see friends you've grown up with blossom into beautiful, resilient, and confident women & find true happiness!🌹 So happy for the both you...Stay blessed always iA💖 Swipe ⬅️ to see all the fun!💃
Do you have a go-to pair of shoes that you wear with everything?💭 These gold @elietahari pointed pumps are mine, simply bc they're so comfortable and easy to walk in...not to mention gorgeous!👠 I wore them to every event I attended this summer🙈 Fashion police get at meee!✋💃
Forever in love with gold details!!😍 I love wearing outfits that need minimal styling to complete the look. I wore this suit to my friend's Mehendi and I literally just threw on some earrings and bangles and was ready to go!💃 Do you like this look?💭 Ps. For everyone asking about where I get my clothes from: my khala(aunt) designs them and has 'em made from Pakistan!🌹 Photo taken by: @pmodyy @kimmysamra thanks for being so patient with me🙈♥️
Do you like this outfit?💭 I wore it to my friend's Nikkah (wedding) ceremony this past weekend! I'm quite pleased with how the whole look came out, especially since I pieced it together last minute from my mom's closet!🙈 I'm obsessed with the neutral tones and subtle floral details + I felt so elegant and dainty in it!🌹 Photo taken by: @rabiazamir ♥️
You are not a drop in the ocean.You are the entire ocean, in a drop.🌹🌹🌹 Photo taken by: @rabiazamir
Thoughts on this look?💭 There are only a few events left before wedding season comes to a close😭 it's been such an amazing summer celebrating love and happiness!💖 I love hearing about how two people met and fell for one another💕I'm a real sucker for a good ol' cheesy love story🙈
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