Alita: Battle Angel

From visionary filmmakers James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. #Alita : Battle Angel is now playing in theaters.

#Repost @imax Starting TONIGHT! There’s only one way to experience @AlitaMovie to the fullest and that’s in IMAX theatres. Clearer images, larger screens, immersive sound, and up to 26% more picture. Secure your ticket.
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#Repost @reald3d Roses are red, violets are blue, @jamescameronofficial wants you to see #Alita , and we think you should too! Reserve your tickets #inRealD3D today: 🎟 link in bio
A hero’s job is never done. #Alita is fighting for justice, now playing in theaters. Get your tickets at
#Repost @idaravictor He’d be so excited I’m posting this, haha! #Bestiebehavior from Nurse Gerhad and Doc Ido. The only pic I got of us on set. #Alita is out now! Go see it this wknd - in 3D - if you haven’t already. Fun fact about that arm - I felt like I was part machine while shooting this bc I had to wear a huge battery pack on my torso the whole time. You can kind of see it here. So when we would do a scene, depending on the camera angle, I had to switch it to the front or back, which was always a...process. I got super-close with Weta 😂 The lab coats helped, and Nina Proctor, our designer, made them fashion. Christoph was lucky to be fully human, so he got to wear the light, short-sleeved scrubs and live fancy-free. Good times ⚔️ Love from Iron City ❤️ #AlitaBattleAngel @alitamovie
#Repost @junkie_xl My @alitamovie original score is out now! Link in story. BUT... you know the drill, #AskMeAnything and I’ll answer your questions in upcoming videos.
#Repost @jamescameronofficial Alita has been near and dear to me for a long time, and I could not have imagined anyone better than Robert to realize my vision, while still creating something that is so distinctly "him". Thank you for bringing this project to life @rodriguez.
#Repost @dualipa with Nearly at 20M views on Swan Song!! Alita Battle Angel is now out in theatres!! GO GO GO 🖤⚔️ thank you @desireformusic for this cool lil video 🧬 #DuAlita @alitamovie
#Alita is a warrior with the heart of a hero. Discover her destiny, now playing in theaters. Get your tickets at
#Repost @eizagonzalez I was lucky enough in 2016 to do a cameo on @alitamovie its badass and epic to work with @rodriguez again and @jamescameronofficial as my first film experience! Huge shoutout to the department of hair/makeup (who should get more recognition for their HARD and impeccable work.) they help us transform to the imaginable. FILM MAKING MAGIC wouldn’t be possible without them. Don’t miss Alita in theaters TODAY.
Get ready to fight alongside #Alita , now playing in theaters. Get tickets today at
#Repost @jamescameronofficial For those of you who have been waiting for this film to get made for as long as I have, and who have been so patient over the years, the wait is over. It feels almost surreal to say that you can now all see @alitamovie at your local joint. I whole-heartedly believe that, whether you’ve followed production on this film over the years or are new to the franchise, when you see how big a heart Alita has, what she stands for, and how she — to put it as simply as possible — majorly kicks ass, you’re going to fall in love with her the way I have. #Alita #AlitaBattleAngel
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