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★★★★★ I thought I would share with you on this #selfcaresunday my impressions of the kindly gifted @brooklynbotany Himalayan Salt Body Scrub*. It is #sulfatefree #siliconefree #vegan #allnatural and #crueltyfree but does contain Lychee essential oil. It claims to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and soft. The body scrub contains such ingredients as Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - all ingredients have a 1 or 2 EWG rating. A good body scrub for me really is an embodiment of “pampering relaxation”. I love that dichotomy of it being both exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time - just the perfect fix for dry winter skin. And the Brooklyn Botany Himalayan Salt Body scrub is definitely a lovely one. It is quite a strong exfoliator and hence really does a great job of removing dead skin cells but the instant smoothness of the oils counteracts the exfoliation so wonderfully. It also has a delicate -somewhat fruity, somewhat flowery- scent to it that I find very relaxing. On days where I do have the extra time, I still apply a body moisturizer after, but I noticed that when I’m in a rush, I can get away without one because the oils in the scrub do that job for me. I can definitely see myself restocking this beauty. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
★★★★★ The @biossance 100% Squalane Oil is a lovely, versatile oil. It is #sulfatefree #fragrancefree #siliconefree #vegan and #crueltyfree as well as EWG certified. It only contains Squalane from Sugarcane and claims to hydrate, lock in moisture and soothe redness and irritation. While this oil can be used on the face, body and hair, I mostly use it for body and hair as it is a tad too heavy for my combination skin. But especially in the winter months, my skin has been loving this oil. It sinks in fairly quickly and really gives my skin a needed punch of hydration and moisture. It also is just very soothing and not irritating at all. I apply this on occasion on my dry ends - but here a little goes a long way. One time, I went a little heavy handed and then my hair was just a tad too oily. But if you just use a droplet, it really smoothes and hydrates well. I went through this mini quickly and can definitely see myself stocking up on the full bottle.
★★★★★ The kindly gifted @instytutum Resurfacing Glow Toner* is a wonderful chemical exfoliator. It is #siliconefree #fragrancefree #sulfatefree and #crueltyfree . It claims to improve the look of fine lines, and uneven skin tone and contains such great ingredients as 6% Glycolic Acid, 2% Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Chamomile. Even though it is called a toner, I essentially have been using this as a night serum. It has a thicker consistency than a toner but is on the watery side for a serum. I pat this all over my face post cleanser and toner and then follow up with additional serums and moisturizer. There is no strong scent to it either, which I like. Upon first application, I experienced some tingling but that subsided after the following uses. I find that it keeps my skin clear and fresh looking. A lot of chemical exfoliators contain both AHA and BHA while the Glow Toner only uses AHA, which is nice if you are looking for a slightly gentler yet effective option. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this guy. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
Shout-out to one of my faves on #pinkwednesday
Okay, since I received this gorgeous @youthtothepeople Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask* on a #texturetuesday I had to shelf my planned post and share with you this dreamy texture. I can’t wait to apply it tonight for the first time and share more impressions with you but let me tell you right away - it smells divine and as you can see the texture is just delicious. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
For #shelfiesunday here a #showershelfie for you 💕 Enjoy the rest of the weekend lovelies!
★★★★★ The kindly gifted @betranscendentskin Balance Toner for Combination Skin* is a great toner. It is #siliconefree #fragrancefree #sulfatefree #crueltyfree and #allnatural . It is made of Rose Water and Juniper Berry Oil and claims to provide hydration and comfort which it exactly did for me. I have a lot of toners on my skincare shelf (hence the low-buy!) and have to say that more often than not I reach for this guy. My skin just really loves it. I do feel some added hydration when using it and like the sebum balancing effect that comes from the Juniperberry Oil. It also is a fairly fine mist which lends itself to an easy application. Really no cons for me on this one - just another pro: it only costs $14 😉 I can definitely see myself repurchasing this toner once I finally go through my stash! . kindly gifted but opinions are mine
I wanted to share with you my first thoughts on these kindly gifted @billie body products - spoiler alert: I quite enjoy them! All of them are #siliconefree #sulfatefree , free of synthetic fragrances, #vegan and #crueltyfree but do contain Grapefruit Peel Oils though - in case you are sensitive. Also, all ingredients have a low EWG rating (Potassium Hydroxide in the shave cream comes up as a 3-5 rating but doesn't actually remain in the final product, as it completely reacts with oils and is therefore seen as hazard free). Also, the price-tag is quite impressive: the products range between $8- $12. Sudsy Body Wash* - The body wash claims to cleanse and moisturize at the same time. And it does exactly that for me! I personally also really enjoy the subtle Grapefruit scent and did feel that this cleanses without drying out my skin. The Shave Cream* - I really love having a non-areosol shaving cream! And this one really works for me. It doesn’t foam up as much as aerosol ones but well enough for me to get an excellent shave. Dry - Bye Body Lotion* - I really enjoy this body lotion - it absorbs quickly, has a matte finish and is very moisturizing. Like all other Billie body products, it does have a subtle, natural Grapefruit scent to it which I enjoy. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
★★★★★ I love the @drunkelephant Lala Retro moisturizer so much that she was actually my first post ever on this account. But since it's been a while now and my review style has changed, I thought it was time for another shout-out😉 Lala is of course #siliconefree #sulfatefree #fragrancefree #vegan and #crueltyfree and claims to rescue dry and dull skin. It is a blend of six different oils as well as fermented green tea and plantain extract among others. I remember being hesitant at first about Lala because I thought it might be too heavy for my acne-prone skin but boy was I wrong. This moisturizer sinks in so beautifully and really revives my skin. There is no greasy redisue but my skin just drinks everything up and as a result is deeply moisturized. I only use Lala at night and a slightly lighter creme in the mornings but do use her all year round. I have been and will be repurchasing Lala.
For this #selfcaresunday I want to share my first impressions of the kindly gifted @selfkaire Kairetool*. This facial roller is made from surgical steel, is hypoallergenic and can be used on bare skin, in combination with skincare products as well as over clothing on both face and body. It claims to help with puffiness, fine lines and other problem areas and should be used daily for at least 30 sec. And I have to say, I’m quite impressed. The first time I used it on my face, I couldn’t stop - it was just so relaxing. I like that it is quite heavy because it seems more effective that way and I truly enjoy the relaxation I gain from it. So far I haven’t seen any drastic improvements on my skin, but I also have to admit that due to traveling I wasn’t able to use it every single day within the month that I had it. But I have the kairetool right next to me on my desk and enjoy using it for mini breaks at work. I would definitely recommend it if you're on the lookout for a new beauty-tool. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
I thought I would do a slightly different routine post for today - my completely #crueltyfree #showerroutine 😉 I used my @billie Sudsy Body Wash* (review to come soon!) as well as the @pinkmaverickcompany Grease Be Gone Shampoo Bar* and my customized @functionofbeauty Conditioner*. After the shower I applied @billie Dry-Bye Body Lotion* almost allover my body, other than my back and décolletage where I used the @paulaschoice Resist Skin Revealing Body Lotion. As deodorant I used @kaianaturals Takesumi Detox* and before blow-drying I also applied the @briogeo Bloom & Blossom Volumizing Spray. What are your shower go-tos? . kindly gifted but opinions are mine
★★★★☆ @farmacybeauty Bright On is a lovely clay mask. It is #siliconefree #sulfatefree and #crueltyfree but does contain essential oils such as Lavender oil as well as Linalool. It claims to improve skin texture and tone due to ingredients such as Vitamin C, clay and fruit derived AHA. I really enjoy this mask as a gentle clay mask for my combination skin (note though that I use AHAs regularly in my routine - if you're new to them, it might not be as gentle for you). I also like that you only leave it on for 5- 10 minutes - it's a nice option for when you don't have the usual 20min to spare. I feel that it helps remove impurities and improves texture but so far I haven't really noticed any brightening effects from it. I most likely will repurchase once I'm done with this one.
★★★★☆ The kindly gifted @panacea Aegis Daily Facial Cleanser* is a nice, gentle cleanser. It is #siliconefree #sulfatefree #vegan and #crueltyfree but does contain a very small amount of fragrance (last ingredient on the list). It claims to draw out impurities without being stripping and contains ingredients such as Japanese Seaweed, Green Tea extract, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. The cleanser has quite a creamy consistency and foams up slightly. I found that I used a little too much the first times which resulted in me not being able to distribute it very well on my face. So less is more with this one. The cleanser removes all impurities nicely though and definitely didn’t feel stripping - if anything, just a tad too creamy for my taste. It also doesn’t really have a noticeable scent to it despite the added fragrance which I like. While I think that this is a lovely cleanser, I probably won’t repurchase because I quite like my Pekee bar but the price tag of $9 for the trial size is impressive. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
★★★★★ The kindly gifted @dr.botanicals Avocado & Almond Superfood Nourishing Body Oil* is and excellent body moisturizer. It is #sulfatefree #fragrancefree #siliconefree #vegan and #crueltyfree . It claims to hydrate and nourish the skin due to a powerful blend of oils (such as Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil). Every item on the ingredient list has an EWG rating of 1. I’m really impressed with this body oil: It sinks in beautifully without leaving a greasy residue and really keeps my skin hydrated. Especially now in the winter months, my skin is in need of some extra hydration and this oil definitely delivers. It also doesn’t really have a noticeable scent to it which I enjoy as well and I always love a product with a EWG 1 rating!!! Pretty sure that this will become a permanent staple in my body care routine. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
★★★★★ Before getting to the review, I have to note that it has to be a good sign that 2019 starts with a #texturetuesday 😉 The kindly gifted @lani_hair Coconut Face Polish* is an excellent polish. It is #sulfatefree #siliconefree , synthetic #fragrancefree #allnatural #vegan and #crueltyfree . It claims to remove build-up and impurities, leaving the skin soft and clean. It has four simple but powerful ingredients: Coconut Milk and Water, Rice Powder as well as Sodium Bicarbonate Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). First off, this polish smells amazing - it has the scent of toasted coconut and always makes my mouth watery. While the polish is definitely gentle enough for the face, I prefer to use this as a body scrub (just because I’m more of a chemical exfoliator 😉). I especially love using this on my legs before shaving which results in the smoothes shave ever. Overall, it really does leave my skin extra soft, and I also love the sustainable glass packaging. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this polish. . *kindly gifted but opinions are mine
Can you believe that this is actually my first #minimonday post? But since I will be leaving on a quick trip tomorrow, I thought it would be fitting to share what I’ll bring - I probably won’t resist bringing some full sizes too but this is a good start 😉 I also want to wish all of you a happy 2019! 2018 was the year that I joined this lovely community and everything succeeded my expectations. So happy to have met all of you and looking forward to more in 2019 ❤️ @pestleandmortarcosmetics Pure Hyaluronic Serum @sundayriley Good Genes (this is actually a newbie for me that I got a while back and figured I should finally give it a try) @youthtothepeople Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil & Kale Green Tea Cleanser @biossance Squalane Peptide Eye Cream @drunkelephant D-Bronzi, C-Firma, Lala Retro, Protoni and Umbra Sheer @glowrecipe Watermelon Mask @herbivorebotanicals Lapis & Brighten Mask
It’s #selfcaresunday - I had a kind of busy day today as I will be traveling early next week and just tried to take care of everything before I leave. But I’m really hoping that tonight I finally get to relax in my bathtub with the kindly gifted @kaianaturals Sleep Detox Hot Bath. The bath salt is #allnatural #slsfree #vegan and #crueltyfree . It is supposed to relax mind and body for a restful night of sleep - clearly what I need after this day 😉 I will keep you posted on results and take care of yourself today!
★★★★☆ The @koparibeauty Coconut Deodorant is a pretty good natural deodorant. It is #aluminiumfree #bakingsodafree #siliconefree #sulfatefree #vegan and #crueltyfree but does contain a fair amount of fragrance. It claims to leave you smelling fresh and to be suitable for sensitive skin. Some of its active ingredients are coconut water and oil as well as sage oil. The things I really like about this deodorant is how easy it glides on - it’s super smooth and non-irritating on the skin. It also has a lovely coconut scent to it that I quite enjoy and doesn’t leave a white residue on clothes. It keeps me pretty dry and smelling fresh on most days. However, I have to say that on days where I hit the gym hard, it can’t keep up. And while I prefer this over a non-natural deodorant, I think I will still explore more natural deodorant options just to see what’s out there. But if I can’t find any “stronger” ones, I might come back to this one.
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