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Multifandom edits #dolantwins - CURRENTLY AFFECTED BY ETHAN

lost footage.mp4 [a scrap]
Shoutout to the very first dt video I ever watched - @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac: me Dt: @maybexdolan [ #convexgrp ]
Nowhere but up - Soo, this is my 100th post. I decided to remake one of my very old edits for this one. And even tho it’s very short and very simple, this one means a lot to me for a lot of personal reasons. Not to get cheesy or anything, but thank you guys for sticking with me through 100 posts, I love y’all. (Dw there will hopefully be a better edit next week skks) @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac: me Dt: @gorment 💕
The alpha - Au: Grayson becomes the alpha of the pack, but he lets the power go to his head. Ethan tries to stop him only to realize too late what he had just done @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac: me Part two of the last edit
Rescue me? - @ethandolan The beta Ac: me Dt: @maybexdolan
Idk what this is or why I made it but enjoy I guess? - @ethandolan @graysondolan also I made this in like 2 seconds so don’t drag me Ac: me
Everyone step aside for the OG dads - @kianlawley @jccaylen Ac: me Dt: @passivize Y’all are sleeping on these legends Ib: @xblackless
I’ll take the real deal ty - @ethandolan @graysondolan You can tell this was rushed smh Ac: me
The dark side of youtube - @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac&ib: @xblackless Dt: @gorment Dope photo edits by xoxodolan @maybexdolan @equaldolan recognizedolan
Ethan: does absolutely nothing me: is affected - @ethandolan Ac: me This suck more than usual I know
You stick out of the crowd - [not a plot twist calm down] @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac: me Just wanted to be very basic and use this audio
Honestly no one is even remotely surprised anymore - @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac: my audio so give creds if u snatch Dt: every who watches because why not
Didn’t need a glow up but had one anyway - @ethandolan Ac: idk Dt: @gorment Simple because I felt like it so deal with it;)
An unbreakable bond - @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac: @citric.tozu (edited so kinda also me) Dt: @maybexdolan
Your body - @graysondolan Ac: me so give creds if u use sis Also look at me actually editing Gray wow
So high - @ethandolan Ac: me I guess Dt: @ethsexx & @chlo_connigalex
All yours - @ethandolan @graysondolan Ac: me but people have definitely used this before
Now let’s do that again - @ethandolan Ac: me
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