Alizeh shah

Actress 👐 9th june 🎂 A PAKISTANI

محبت بھیک ھے شاید ۔۔ بڑی زلت سے ملتئ ھے۔۔۔
#captionthis thankyou for tshirt @cocacola
PEACE of mind .. thats what i crave ... #thankyou @printistan for necklace
jag mujh pay lagay pabandi mayn hun hi nahi is dunya ki 👼
you can start over you can run free you can find other fish in the SEA you can pretend its meant to be.. but you cant stay away from me 🔥 #candid #Sunkissed
#bestrong #BeBeautifull #BeYou ❤ thankyou @khasofficial for this dress
i Appreciate the MASTERPIECE that is YOU ! because your EXISTENCE ALONE is ART ❤ #THANKYOU @dazzlebysarah for Khussa
life is SHORT.. make every hair flip COUNT 😜 #traveldiaries
makeup by photography by @mahasphotographyofficial
Even if you hear a bad story about me , UNDERSTAND , there was a TIME i was good to those people too , but they wont tell you that...☺ #positivevibes
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