Allah Is The Most Merciful

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This man is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, so his family brought food for him to eat but he refused to eat untill he fed his daughters with his hands just as he did when they were young.. 💖 ____________________________ For more posts like this follow us @Allah_is_the_most_merciful_ ____________________________ LIKE | TAG | COMMENT ____________________________
It only takes one prayer, one dua and one sincere intention to turn back to Allah 💎
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Ireland’s senate has voted in favour of a bill banning the importation of products from Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, paving the way for the country to become the first EU nation to enforce a boycott. The bill, which has faced angry Israeli opposition, prohibits “trade with and economic support for illegal settlements in territories deemed occupied under international law”. . Follow @allah_is_the_most_merciful_ . . #allah #islam #muslim #prayer #jannah #salah #makkah #medina #kaaba #loveislam #quotes #instaislam #reminder #islamicpost #success #allahuakbar #alhamdulillah #repent #dua #israel #palestine #dawah #quran #hadith #reminders #instamuslim
Soon inshaa Allah. 💕
Tag friends,family and anyone that can benefit. The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said: "The one who guides to something good has a reward similar to the one doing it." Follow @allah_is_the_most_merciful_ #allah #islam #muslim #prayer #jannah #salah #loveislam #quotes #instaislam #reminder #islamicpost #success #allahuakbar #alhamdulillah #repent #dua #sujood #ummah #dawah #quran #hadith #instamuslim
🔸When you are always late for salah, it says a lot about you and your character. It shows that you lack discipline, internal strength, and integrity to be where you are supposed to be ‘on time’ for your most important appointments of the day, and you are not dependable. . . 🔸Al-Hasan Al-Basri said: “When salah is the least of your concerns, then what is your most important concern? As much as you fix your salah ,your life will be fixed. Did you not know that salah was equated with Success: ‘Come to Prayer, Come to Success.’ How can you ask Allah for success when you are not responding to His right upon you?” . . 🔸If you are wondering why there is a delay in your sustenance, in your marriage, in your work, in your health, look into your salah: are you delaying it? . . ~ Know the importance of praying on time! Stop being lazy and delaying the prayer till it's last time . . . 🍁“Plan your life around salah and not the other way around!” . Follow @allah_is_the_most_merciful_ #allah #islam #muslim #prayer #jannah #salah #makkah #medina #kaaba #loveislam #quotes #instaislam #reminder #islamicquotes #islamicreminder #islamicpost #success #allahuakbar #alhamdulillah #repent #dua #sujood #ummah #dawah #quran #hadith #reminders #instamuslim
He said he felt the walls had missed ‚hearing the call to Allah‘ bless him ❤️ beautiful Adhan allahumma bareek 💞 _ For centuries, the Iberian peninsula was A Muslim land with Muslim Rulers and a Muslim population. _ At its height, Iberia had over 5 million Muslims. In the 900s, the capital of Muslim Spain, Córdoba, had paved roads, hospitals, and street lights throughout the city. _ At the time, Christian Europe’s largest library had only 600 books, while Córdoba calligraphers were producing 6000 books per year. _ URI AVNERY (Jewish journalist): Muslim Spain was a paradise for the Jews, and there has never been a Jewish holocaust in the Muslim world. Even pogroms were extremely rare. _ Muhammad decreed that the "peoples of the Book" (Jews and Christians) be treated tolerantly, subject to conditions that were incomparably more liberal than those in contemporary Europe. The Muslims never imposed their religion by force on Jews and Christians, as shown by the fact that almost all the Jews expelled from Catholic Spain settled in Muslim countries and flourished there. Follow @allah_is_the_most_merciful_ #allah #islam #muslim #prayer #jannah #salah #loveislam #instaislam #reminder #islamicquotes #islamicreminder #islamicpost #success #allahuakbar #alhamdulillah #repent #dua #sujood #ummah #dawah #quran #hadith #reminders #instamuslim
“There is a blessing in calamity that the wise man should not ignore, for it erases sins, gives one the opportunity to attain the reward for patience, dispels negligence, reminds one of blessings at the time of health, calls one to repent and encourages one to give charity.” - Al-Fadl ibn Sahl "When Allah has previously decreed for a servant a rank which he has not attained by his action, He afflicts him in his body, or his property or his children, He then enables him to endure that, So that He may bring him to the rank previously decreed from him by Allah.” - Prophet Mohammed صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ [Sunan Abi Dawud] Perhaps your test, Perhaps your sadness, Perhaps your hardships, Are all a means of raising your ranks in Jannah and getting you closer to Him and His deen. :) Change your perspective. Say Alhumdulillah during blessings and say Alhumdulillah ala kulli haal during Hardships. Follow @allah_is_the_most_merciful_ #allah #islam #muslim #prayer #jannah #salah #loveislam #quotes #instaislam #reminder #islamicquotes #islamicreminder #islamicpost #success #allahuakbar #alhamdulillah #repent #dua #sujood #ummah #dawah #quran #hadith #reminders #instamuslim
Please keep this brother in your Dua’a. _ This is Omar who got diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumour. We need your sincere Dua. It only takes one Accepted Dua. Please share and pray for him, he's only 23 years old. I ask Allah subhanahu Wa ta ala to give full recovery to Omar and all the sick around the world. 😥 _ Every morning we should thank Allah for our health and strength because our situation could be different. He’s truly worthy of our praise ! Just imagine if we lost the ability to taste our food! Say Alhamdulillah for the things we consider as simple blessings _ MAY ALLAH HEAL ALL THOSE WITH CANCER AND CURE EVERY SICK. Ameen Please follow and share my page with your friends and family so they also get benefit from it for every post i share you will also be rewarded.thanks. Follow> @allah_is_the_most_merciful_
SubhanAllaah! So blessed is Allah, the best of creators! ❤ @allah_is_the_most_merciful_
Imagine being swallowed by a Whale and it diving into the depths of the Ocean. Would anyone survive? Or if someone saw us being swallowed, would they believe us to be alive? Reach out to help? How would they even help? Our Family, friends and loved ones would be as helpless as we would be, stuck, in the Belly of the Beast. Our cries of help would only be heard by us and the darkness of the Ocean. Even with all the technology to date, we still can't reach the far depths of the Ocean. There would be absolutely no way to help us in any shape or form, except for the help from Allah swt! This was the affliction upon Younus (as) but even in such IMPOSSIBLE of a situation, he never gave up hope! He kept saying for days . "There is no deity except You; exalted are You. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers." . And then, Allah swt commanded the Whale to rise up, back to the surface and expel Prophet Younus (as) onto an Island SubhanAllah. So whatever situation we may be in right now, no matter how hopeless it may seem, it can NEVER be as helpless as being trapped in the depths of an Ocean and deteriorating in the Stomach Acids of a Whale. You and I can't afford to give up Hope! We must do what Younus (as) did, praise Allah swt and ALWAYS ask Allah swt for forgiveness. Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbul afuwa fafu anni! Ameen! @allah_is_the_most_merciful_
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