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Made in 🐨 New York Models 📍 Chic Australia Pilates Certified

I’m allergic to avocados, but I love steak..
It’s a long way to the top🗽
Yep.. this sums up my feels for @travisscott #astroworld
Travis Scott was lit..
Part 2 💼📝
Working girl 💼📝
Tbh I don’t like thanksgiving food.. I prefer tacos🤭
“so stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, it’s when things seem worst that you must not quit”
Girrrrrl you’re the nuts to my chocolate🍫 🤪💕 #gorangers
“Lipstick doesn’t have size” - @ashleygraham
“Modeling is about beauty, but it’s also about an energy. That’s not a size” 🙌🏽- crystal renn
Don’t let anyone dim your light for shining too brightly.. simply tell them to put their shades on✌🏽😎
When your booker asks for last min digis so you pester your boyfriend to get out the camera🤣😬😅
Good Morning💕 This week I’ll be starting my series on discussing diversity in the industry, my struggles and experiences and how we need change! I hope I can inspire you all and I promise to be real with you guys! Let me know what you think! #staytuned
Happy 1st Birthday to my little goose! You’re such a light in my life and my best friend hands down🤣💖🙏🏼 #librababies
YES!!!! SNEAK PEAK with MY GIRL💖💖💖@ieshahodgesofficial #ImYourGirlPodcast where we open up and get real and raw with you guys on body confidence, insecurities and struggles in the fashion industry! I know this just scrapes the surface, and there’s so much more to come! Let’s change this industry one conversation at a time - #TalkToChange
“There is not one standard or definition of beauty or one perfect size — Be your own woman, Be your own role model” - @ashleygraham
Yeahhh I had fun today☺️🙃
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