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Made in 🐨 New York Models 📍 Chic Australia Pilates Certified

Spice up that ab routine🌶🔥
Buncha babes😏🔥
You guys wanna see how I get ready for my castings?🤣🔥 @newyorkmodels @newyorkmodelsdirect #getit
Try this for your weekend workout.. you’ll be sweaty💦 AND on fire🔥 30sec of each Repeat whole circuit x4 ✌🏽 Wearing: @gymshark
CARDIO CIRCUIT💦 * Burpee squat hold 30sec * Reverse lunge w med ball twist 30sec * Bicycle weaves 30sec * In n out squats 30sec * Up n overs 30sec * Balance ball throws 30 sec (X4 rounds) Song: LLC Nicki Minaj Wearing: @victoriasport
#tb hair campaign w @briogeo ✨🌟
Nike made me do it?✔️😅 @nike @nikewomen Try this circuit❤️💦 •battle ropes 1min •sumo deadlifts 30sec •RDLs 30sec •ball throws (abs) 30sec. •ball twists (abs) 30sec REPEATx4
Can we keep the days like this summer? ☀️💛
Hey friendssss👋🏽🤸🏽‍♀️
Sorry not sorry😬💦
Lather me in oil ..(and sunscreen of course), throw me in the sun and I’m a happy girl🤸🏽‍♀️💛💦
30min jumprope + ab circuit = this face💦💦
I am not a twig, I work really hard for my body and I’m proud of it #selflovesunday
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