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Have you downloaded our peanut πŸ₯œ & tree nut 🌰 handout PERFECT for back to school? ✏️ Give it to teachers, school nurses, babysitters, other parents, or anyone that is around your child and needs to know what tree nuts are, what the symptoms of anaphylaxis are, or what to do if your child has an allergic reaction! 🚨 Don’t wait until it’s too late - download it now to help PREVENT emergency situations! Available on our website for FREE πŸŽ‰ Click on the link in our bio πŸ‘†
We reached out to two allergists about the story of Natasha, a 15 year old girl who died after experiencing anaphylaxis on a @british_airways flight after eating a sandwich from @pretamangeruk 🌯 Find out what doctors Caroline Caperton, MD and Alan Khadavi, MD have to say about the tragic incident. Click on the link in our bio πŸ‘† to read the full story and comments.
Have you heard about the new EpiPen generic being approved? 😲 Read all about it on our website in our news section! πŸ“°
LIKE this if you’re allergic to sunflower seeds or know someone who is 🌻 What is the biggest challenge of dealing with a sunflower seed allergy? Tell us in the comments πŸ‘‡
Do you or does your child experience hives or rash when having an allergic reaction? πŸ‘‡
Today’s purple post goes to bloggers: @allergyfriendlymama and @thegerdchef πŸŽ‰ Learn more about them on our website (link in bio) πŸ‘†Make sure to keep voting for your favorite bloggers for a chance to have them featured on our homepage! ❀️
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LIKE this post if you are allergic to cherries or know someone who is πŸ’ By the way - have you read our latest article about the new genetic EpiPen from @tevapharm ? Link in bio πŸ‘†
Although this might seem obvious if you have food allergies, you would surprised to know how many people have no idea that allergic reactions to food can be life-threatening and even fatal! 🚨 Education is key πŸ”‘
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LIKE this post if you are allergic to almonds or know someone who is! What is the hardest part of having an almond allergy? πŸ‘€Comment below πŸ‘‡
Do you have a milk allergy? πŸ₯› It’s important to remember that you can have a life-threatening allergy to milk, and not just an intolerance! Comment below on your experiences with milk allergy πŸ‘‡
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What are the benefits vs the costs of going to the ER during an allergic reaction after using an EpiPen? πŸ₯ Read our latest article to find out. Link in bio πŸ‘†
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