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Today is the first day of the @CMNHospitals #ChildrensHospitalsWeek ! A week where we have the opportunity to bring awareness to the fact that children's hospitals around the world rely on donations in order to provide world class care for kids from around the world! -- Wear a bandage this week on your right hand to raise awareness for this great cause.
Cool thinning technique ✂️🎥 @hairbysafiyaa
Obsessed with this color! 💛📸 @emrahdemircii
Hair transformation by 💛🎥 @rami_alafif_hairstyles @mounir
3D Bob Marley 🤘🎥 @robtheoriginal
Half mint, half sky 💚🎥 @bescene
Ground coffee + yogurt = DIY hair growth! ☕️🎥 @madinashrienzada
Foxy styling 🦊🎥 @caro_losada
Time for a big chop! ✂️🎥 @mtnaykt
Which hairstyle would you pick? 🙌🎥 @missysueblog
Wedding ready! 🎊🎥 @stilist_solmaz
Gorgeous cut ✂️🎥 @emreayaksiz
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