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More just a simple furniture. It is a true art of functionality. Coffee table by @bakerstreetboys_london Please follow them to see more👌
#AllofArchitecture What about that black wall? 🖤 . 76 House is designed and visualized by @dilmstudio and will be located in Bangkok. This house is all about contemporary elegance and style. With different materials, all unique in different patterns, and a dark yet neutral color palette, this home feels timeless and well-designed. Wooden furniture adds warmth and coziness while natural sunlight illuminates the space in a controlled way. #allofbedrooms #black #bedrooms
#AllofArchitecture What about this little house? . House for Beth is designed by Salmela Architect and is located in the United States. Photograph by Paul Crosby. This amazingly straightforward design is all about simplicity and the natural elements. Wooden facade and soft lights add warmth and coziness to the living, while the modern and bright interior makes it feel new and spacious. #allofhouses #usa #cozy
#AllofArchitecture Visualization/Render by House by Fiskarhedenvillan.
#AllofArchitecture Swipe left for the full project! . The DL House is designed by @dphsarchitects and is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photograph by Don Pieto. This amazing design utilises the look and feel of different materials which beautifully harmonise to create an elegant and modern design. The atmosphere is modern and tropical, with a sense of a natural ambience. The color palette is all about natural earthy colors, combined with strong contrasting black and monochrome. #allofhouses #indonesia #modern
#AllofArchitecture Dope or Nope? 👍🏻👎🏻 . Via @renderlovers ~ Loft is designed and visualized by @roman__kolyada. Ample amounts of natural sunlight let in through the big and generous windows covering one wall makes this loft feel spacious and open. Brick walls and wooden floors adds a raw touch and warmth. The interior is elegant, which nicely breaks off the industrial look. #alloflivingrooms #industrial #wood
#AllofArchitecture All wood, do you like it? . Getaway House is designed by @garrisonarchitects is located in Washington, USA. This amazingly functional home is a small get-away in the deep forest. The wooden structure provides warmth and coziness, as well as a natural feeling hence its location. Nothing but calm, easiness, and relaxation! #allofbedrooms #wood #bedroom
#AllofArchitecture Wich kitchen is your favorite? A or B? . A Kitchen is designed and visualized by Kanstantsin Remez. . B This amazing kitchen is designed and visualized by Via @renderlovers
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#AllofArchitecture Industrial bedroom, can it be yours? . The Little Wood House is designed and visualized by @koj_design from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This cabin is made out of wooden planks with the feeling of an untouched and raw design, making it blend seamlessly into its location amongst trees and nature. Despite its small size, this house feels spacious and open due to the high ceiling and open plan, as well as ample amounts of light let in by the series of big windows. #allofbedrooms #bedroom #industrial
#AllofArchitecture What about this industrial livingroom? . Railway Shed Home is designed by Prágmata Studio. As it name suggests, this home is all about the industrial style with raw materials and a dark color palette. The materials used, such as bricks, wood, and steel, can be locally found and provides a sense of history. The interior is elegantly styled with soft furniture and stylish statement pieces. #alloflivingroom #sofa #industrial
#AllofArchitecture Rate this kitchen from 1-10? . Via @renderlovers ~ This beautiful Kitchen is visualized and designed by Talcik and Demovicova. Light and soft colours, combined with a neutral and stylish interior makes this kitchen a calm oasis and elegant space. Ample amounts of natural sunlight is let in through the big windows and open space. A great design with a timeless feeling! #allofkitchens #bronze #kitchen
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