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It’s almost F R I D A Y I’ve already heard this phrase five times today.....I even caught myself saying it 🤷🏻‍♀️ Then I realized how negative this can be...Why are we always looking to the next and not necessarily enjoying the present? My two babies are growing more and more each day. And although I’m tired and busy and life is {beautifully} chaotic, I still have to stop and remember that time goes by so very fast. These guys teach me to laugh, cherish and see the little things. We are living our best life and choosing to enjoy every moment despite the seemingly bothersome (and few) hard times. Mischa starts a new art class today and she’s fit to burst with excitement. Dominic requested to cuddle and read with me after school...Today I will emanate their enthusiasm for “What’s happening NOW ” and make that my Thursday focus. What will you decide to be excited about today? #goodvibesonly by @mamabirdandco ✌🏽 #mindsetreset #thursdaythoughts #itsalmostfriday #enjoythelittlethingsinlife #theofficialgfam #alloileverything
It's just one of those daysssssss 🤷🏻‍♀️ Apply a little oil to pulse points and over your ❤️ for a quick feeling of relief, release and a moment to gain your composure Least I have #TheBachelor to look forward to tonight 🌹 Who’s watching with me? #onedayatatime #Mondaynights #woosah #chilloutoil #behappyoil #alloileverything
On Tonight’s Agenda: Reading, Detoxing, Soothing ohhhhh and LAUNDRY lol Which one would you use before bed? Ps...I’m on day 10 of a plank challenge and have gone to spin twice in 2019 🙌🏽#gome #spinclass #plankchallenge #restdays + + + #goodnightworld #timeforbed #judgementdetox #gabriellebernstein #headachebalm #musclerub #musclesootheroil #alloileverything
Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don't like them A L L O F T H I S 🙌🏽 Happy Sunday babes ❤️ Magical packaging:@thehouseofhays #believeinyourself #dowhatyoulove #bekindtoothers #bekindtoyourself #alloileverything
Starting 2019 with all kinds of Positive Vibes with @simplyjlynn What is your one word for the year? CLEAR is what I’ve chosen and I’ve spent the first days of this year journaling and listening to podcasts, taking inspired action and staying true and honest with my goals I’ve never been a real “New Years Resolution” person, I do believe in goal setting and resettting every few months. Checking in with myself to stay accountable and see if I’m where I expect myself to be or if I’ve gone off track. Like I always say: You are not a tree, you can MOVE if you don’t like where you are *figuratively and literally 🙌🏽 Every year is “My Year” and I’m grateful for every moment, opportunity and life lesson I receive. Sure there are bumps along the way and I have embraced that life happens. It happens...and the thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you. How you perceive and react is what matters. And it takes work to change that inner voice and mindset - it can be challenging and feel all kinds of uncomfortable at first but it’s totally doable and it WILL change the way you see yourself and your experiences. I mean I love all the “Positive Vibes” sharing and spreading online and on Target T-shirts but truly, it starts within Soooo I’m wondering, How are you choosing to start your year? #positivevibesonly #oneword #wordoftheyear #mentalclarity #nevergiveup #goalsetters #positivevibesoil #alloileverything
Happy anni to the guy who still makes me giggle. Even when we’re just hanging at home on the couch Also, my face 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 #weddedbliss #eightyearslater #luvahs #spicedmeats #happyanniversarymylove #newyearsday
Happy New Year's Eve - Today is special in so many ways and my "On this Day" updates all have the same tone, which is a warm reminder that ultimately, life is always good 🥰 I spent the last day of the year as I typically do: cleaning, decluttering, packaging orders and taking the time for ME with a nice long shower and changing our sheets on the bed lol Ending and beginning the year fresh is my favvvv Tonight’s festivities are low key and will be spent reflecting on how good 2018 was to us. We are so very lucky in our lives and I'm happy you're all in it. 2018 was another amazing and lesson learning year and we made it. We did it. Here's to 2019 and much happier days ahead Be safe & have a fabulous night celebrating, however you choose to do so! 😘😍🎉❤️🥰 #happynewyear2019 #goodbye2018 #goodbye2018hello2019 #strongsmartcapableworthy #myoneword
Getting ready to say goodbye to the new year like #byefelicia Have you had have snow yet? It’s just super rainy here in Seattle and I’m ready for the good stuff. Make it really feel like winter Click my link to shop #byefeliciaoil - She’ll take care of you in the bitchiest of times and so you can coast right into 2019 💯 Tag a friend who needs this magical blend >>> #itsfridayright #whatdayisit #longholidayweekend #nye2019 #letitgo #byefelecia #alloileverything
From ours to yours ❤️ Have a Very Merry Christmas Thank you for an absolutely incredible season #walkinginto2019like #theofficialgfam #partyofsix #alloileverything
And that’s a wrap! All orders have shipped and this mama is looking forward to a couple days off. Thank you so much for shopping small this season. It has been such a joy to meet so many new friends {customers} and to build my business. Your support is incredibly inspiring and humbling. You are just wonderful. Annnnddddd, I still have shopping and wrapping to do - Thankfully all my #makers orders have arrived in time tho! Are you done with your shopping? I’m soooo not excited about braving the crowds this weekend but it has to be done hahahah If you’ve found yourself needing some last minute gifts, I offer priority shipping, free local pick up and a few options on Amazon #procrastinatorsunite ##christmasshopping #thankyouforthelove #shopsmalllove #makerstrong #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #busyseason #lastminutegifts #shoptilyoudrop #supportlocal #amazonprime #targetfinds #alloileverything
Spent my Friday volunteering for #toysfortots sorting toys and giving back to our community, thanks to my amazing work group. Then got to party the rest of the weekend away with our closest friends and family ❤️ Today’s focus was cleaning, relaxing and feeling grateful for all of the goodness in my life #myfavoritetimeofyear #christmasparties #volunteerspirit #ohsnap #targetdoesitagain #alloileverything Ps. I’m pretty proud of this selfie #notaselfieperson #firsttry
C A L M M O R N I N G S Just add a little bit of salt to your bath or shower for a relaxing experience. Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt infused with essential oils and dried flowers 🌸 Makes a great gift too. Featured on BuzzFeed and Ready to Ship ✅ I actually shower at night so my hair is good in the morning 💁🏻‍♀️ #Chillout and #Lavender are my favorite salts to add to my shower (you can just pour on the tile of your shower out of the way of the water! Works soooo good for Breathe Better too!) Are you a bath or shower person??? I wish I made time for baths. I use my big jacuzzi tub for double bath time for my littles - and you know I add some chill out to theirs 😉 #alloileverything #epsom #deadseasalt #bathsalts #bathtime #driedlavender #selfcarematters #stockingstuffers
G R E E N M O N D A Y And Happy shopping season 💚 As a small shop owner and boss mom, I highly encourage fellow makers, customers and friends to shop small, support local and spread the sales as you can!! Every purchase you make from an actual shop owned by a real person is so appreciated and helps encourage more creativity and handmade artists to reach for their dreams. I am so incredibly grateful to you, because without you I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what I have. Good luck and good vibes to you and thank you for shopping small ❤️ What shops have you purchased from this year? Tag them below to help spread the love (and so I can go follow them!) A couple random commenters will be chosen to receive exclusive Christmas gifts from me 🥰 #thankyou #shopsmalllove #holidayshopping #spreadthelove #alloileverything PS TODAY IS MY CUTOFF DATE FOR XMAS ORDERS! Also check my stories for today’s specials 🎄
Back from a super fun {non-snowy} weekend away, getting those Christmas orders out! One of my major focuses this year has been work/life/home balance and I really believe that taking time away truly helps reenergize your soul and allows you to grow in all areas of your life. So thank you for all the love this busy holiday season and for growing with me as a person and a business. I hope you took some time for yourself this weekend too Also don’t forget that my deadline for *Guaranteed Before Christmas Delivery* is tomorrow, Monday December 10th! I really want to make sure you get all your goodies in time so if you’re a procrastinator, you can always find a few key items of mine on #amazon ✅ Click the link in my bio, I think my last batch of rollers are being processed there as I type! 🙌🏽 How’s your Christmas shopping going? I have one present bought so far, and that’s more prepared than I was last year 🤣 Buying for our family is such a task so I’m open to any suggestions. Ages 4, 6, 11, 20 and 36 (the hubs!) What gifts have you bought for your people so far?? #sendhelp #christmasideas #bestmailever #alloileverything
Because it’s cold. And it’s icky. And everyone is sick 😷 And there’s still two weeks left of school! One less thing you need to worry about as the holidays approach is your little ones getting sick, just roll on twice a day to help boost their immunity Already have this blend? Spread the joy (healthy joy? 🥰) and tag a friend! These make great stocking stuffers & baby shower gifts 🎁 When does your holiday break begin? ❤️❤️❤️ #healthylittle #immunitysupport #winterbreak #dontgetsick #alloileverything
D E C E M B E R • giveaway • The holidays are here and I’m all about that smell good goodness, yes even for you, my friends who may have a fake tree #teamrealtree We were able to get ours yesterday🎄(Did you see my stories?) We’ve gone to the same tree farm for as long as I can back to my teenage years (so you know that’s a tradition #imold ) and for me, there’s not much that compares to that fresh tree smell......Until O I L S >> I’ve done my best to create a blend that reminds me so much of Christmas and I’m giving a set away so you can experience it too 😇 To enter to win 1 Christmas Spirit Spray and Diffuser blend, all you have to do is 1) like this picture 2) follow me @alloileverything 3) Tag 2-3 friends below in separate comments and comment your FAVORITE SMELL of the season >>That's it! Giveaway will run until Friday December 7th 11:59pm PST and winner will be announced on this post Both of these items are ON SALE for the entire month of December for immediate purchase. Click the link in bio >> Shop Natural Products & Oils Good Luck mt friends and welcome to the most wonderful time of the year 😘 #alltheprettythings #christmasspirit #madewithlove #yesplease #treatyourself #december
The day she let go of the things that were weighing her down, was the day she began to shine the brightest. Get your shine on, boo. Tag another brilliant soul 🌟 #mood #lavender #driedlavender #calming #alloileverything
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