Allstars supporting Allstars in their winter dance shows. It’s wonderful how all these kids go to different companies, but come together and collaborate in a beautiful way at ATA! #ataawesome #allstarworkethic #trilliumdancecompany #nolimitsdancestudio #ferndaledanceacademy #allstartheatrearts
This is where you want to be this Sunday!!
This is going to be amazing!!
Allstars performing Hamilton and killing it!! #ataawesome #allstarworkethic #theatrekid #hamilton
Beautiful pictures of our class and soloist performers.
Sometimes your final pose is a snuggle!! #ataawesome #allstarhearts #atabigsand littles
We’ve had some inquiries about auditions, so here’s the scoop!!
New stars this year!! Get your tickets now for this wonderful event.
A must see!!
Follow Cinderella all the way Into the Woods tomorrow night at 7:00pm at the Eureka High Auditorium!! It’s time for Opening Night!!!
A few fun shots from our tech rehearsal. Check out Rapunzel in the “tower” and amazing stepsisters
You don’t want to miss this show!!
The cast will be on Live At 5, news channel 3 tomorrow night!!
Some of our cast on the radio promoting Into the Woods!! #ataproduction #ataawesome #theatrekid #ataintothewoods
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