All. The. Burgers.

Just a passion for cheeseburgers. Ratings out of 5.0 Buns with love and honesty. Brooklyn, NY. 📸 by @Nicholas_West 📧:

Found this burger rounding out @infatuation ’s top 20 burgers in NYC list, so I had to head to the East Village to give it a test drive. It’s your fairly standard double patty cheeseburger with special sauce combo - no single ingredient is too spectacular, but it all comes together as one very satisfying burger - perfect if you’ve had a long night prior and need to soak it up with a non-pretentious, elevated, fast-food tasting burg. Rating: 3.98 Buns #burger #foodporn #burgers #brooklyn #hungry
Oh. My. Goodness. In the battle of super rich, high-priced (notice I didn’t say “over” priced) burgers housed in classic NYC establishments (a la Minetta Tavern, Peter Lugers, etc) this one might take the cake. Chumley’s 86’0 Burger is doused with bone marrow, over two perfect patties in a crispy bun with shallots, fried onions, American cheese, and Chumley’s sauce (a combo of coffee, jalapeño and mango that sounds funky but tastes perfect). If you’re reading this and visiting NYC or haven’t been to Chumley’s yet for their burger, put it on your list. It’s a speakeasy, rebuilt and reopen in 2017 after a wall collapse, but was a prior throwback from the prohibition era... and it still has that old-new york vibe even post-restoration. I was all smiles, with each and every bite with the mix of good vibes and good eats. Can’t wait to come back. Rating: 4.85 Buns #burger #foodporn #cheese #nyc #burgerporn #cheeseburger #chumleys #hungry
This burger means I’ve officially had a burger at all of the locations in Pizza Loves Emily’s growing 🍕& 🍔empire (Nashville included!) The Emmy Squared burgers have a bit of bite to them with the tangy/spice sauce delving a nice kick. And so while it’s not a burger that’s built for absolutely everyone (those who say 🙅‍♀️ to spicy might not be the biggest fan), like the burgers at the Emily locations (Clinton Hill & West Village), it is most definitely an elite burger for those burger lovers searching for a bit of adventure. And my goodness am I happy that they keep that incredible pretzel bun as the string that ties together all of their slightly different, and madly delicious burger creations. Rating: 4.7 Buns #burger #burgerporn #foodporn #cheeseburger
Went back to Union Square Cafe for my 2nd anniversary to the Burger Queen tonight. Ugh, this place is so good. Also, I haven’t done enough research as to how the no-tipping policy @ushgnyc restaurants ultimately affected employee pay, but as a customer, it is suchhhh a better experience knowing what you’re paying for up-front. Had the brussel sprouts, carrots, dabbled in the queen’s ricotta gnocchi and finished post-burger with the s’mores dessert. Needless to say, I’m in food coma heaven 😋🤤 #burger #burgers #food #foodporn #cheeseburger #unionsquarecafe #nycfood
The Bison Burger at Colonie is good, not great. It’s not my favorite type of meat to begin with, and the onions are bit too long and chewy. The sauce is also meh. Otherwise, this place is one of the better spots along Atlantic Ave in BK, so if you’re looking for a good brunch or dinner spot, I highly recommend Colonie, just maybe don’t prioritize the burg. Rating: 2.8 Buns #cheeseburger #burger #burgerporn #foodporn #brooklyn
My wife’s family is from Nashville, so when I heard that @pizzalovesemily was opening a location down there, I felt like it was destiny. Upon opening, they immediately raised the bar for pizza and burgers in good ole Music City and as with everything @matthewshyland and @emilyhyland create, this burger is amazing and one I’ll be enjoying each time I visit. Enjoy your weekend, friends! #cheeseburger #burger #foodporn #cheese #eeeeeats #nashville #emmyburger
Back from Bermuda and already missing the lazy days filled with ocean swimming and burger eatin’... this is @devilsisle ’s yummmmmy burger. This one was on the house, so no rating (gotta stay true for the re-view) but I can tell you, if I was to go back, I’d definitely make this restaurant one of my first stops. The fried rock shrimp tacos were another favorite. Only downside to Bermuda (like most islands) is the cost of everything goes wayyyy 🆙 so bring your wallet along with that appetite. #burger #cheeseburger #foodporn #bermuda #hungry
Of all the burgers I’ve had on vacation, this one might take the top spot. A perfectly cooked brisket blend with aged cheddar, caramelized onions and bacon make for a cheeseburger that made me want to follow the ole “wait 30 mins till you swim” rule. It’s so perfectly juicy with that hint of smokiness that you find with a quality brisket. Who knew Bermuda could produce such a quality burg? Rating: 4.2 Buns #burger #bermuda #theloren #thelorenbermuda #foodporn #vacation #cheeseburger
This is one dammmmnnnnn good burger... if you could call it that. It’s just so far down the “some-kind-of-pasta-dish” path with the black garlic sauce, iberico bellota jam, and aged cheddar, that when you bite into it, you taste the meat, and you taste the bun, but you also taste those other things and your brain will not think “this is a cheeseburger.” Instead it’ll think “this is an amazing Italian sandwich, pasta hybrid, thing” and I’ve never had anything like it... and frankly, I’m down with that. It’s just, I’ve been sitting on this review for over 3 weeks because I really didn’t know how to feel about it. Having had some distance now though between my Suprema Provisions experience and this digital scribe, I’m happy to report that I’m re-craving this unique burger, and I’m proud to say it. Rating: 4.55 Buns #burger #cheeseburger #foodporn #westvillage #cheese #burgerporn #foodnyc
This is @phoeniciadiner ’s Patty Melt and it will fulfill your slightly hungover, but fully happy to be out in the woods, and not in the city, desires. (Gruyere cheese, griddled beef and caramelized onions on rye). This place is special in that it is a classic roadside diner, with an elevated, slightly bohemian aesthetic and all-around great vibes. While waiting for your table, there’s an airstream outside serving pastries and beers in a picnic area with great music. The beer-battered onion rings and tortilla soup are highlights. This place is a must if you’re in the area. P-Melt Rating: 3.0 Buns #catskills #burger #pattymelt #cheeseburger #foodporn #woodstock #phoenicia
DO NOT MISS this restaurant if you’re in the Catskills, specifically in the Woodstock/Phoenicia area of NY state. Myself and some friends were destroying @peekamooserestaurant ’s 5 course tasting menu, when in the corner of my eye, I saw 4 of their Signature Burgers being brought out to another table. This burg wasn’t on the menu, and so I’m sure our server (service is amazing there btw), was a bit surprised when I ordered one on top of all of the other dishes we were working our way through. Nonetheless, my burgey senses were piqued and I had to have it. Thank the burger lords I took that chance. This burger is was one of the best I’ve had outside NYC, and definitely in my top 10. It’s got perfectly cooked dry-aged, Slope Farm Beef, a balsamic onion tomato jam that added the perfect amount of edge, and nothing more, and a homemade, perfectly fresh/toasted brioche bun. The majority of the ingredients @peekamooserestaurant are local, as you’ll find at the top/new restaurants in the continually burgeoning and improving Catskills dining scene. Oh, and the dessert menu is to die for. The donut a la mode might just... change your life. Rating: 4.6 Buns #burger #catskills #foodporn #cheeseburger #cheese #catskills #woodstock #phoenicia
Anthony Bourdain was that special person who showed others the rewards of open mindedness and curiosity. Reading his book and devouring any written interview or TV show he was on or made, Bourdain inspired me on so many different levels. The world will miss him.
Is there any better way to celebrate #nationalhamburgerday than to devour an Emmy Burger @pizzalovesemily ? Answer: No. Happy Memorial Day, friends. Thanks to our armed forces past and present for keeping us safe! 🍔🍟🇺🇸
Important Burger Alert! 🚨 I’d been psyched to try @virginiasnyc burger for a long time. As they’d previously only served it at the bar, the stars didn’t line up for me to try it until this past weekend as they’ve recently added it to their menu for all (table dwelling) folks to enjoy! With two small tweaks, this burger enters the top tier of the NYC burger world. 1) There was simply too much onion marmalade on mine, and boy are they sweet (not a bad thing). It was all I could taste until I shoveled some of it off. Once I did though, it was bite after beautiful bite of high quality beef, perfectly complemented with Cabot Cheddar (a personal favorite) and possibly the best bun I’ve had. Not too filling, toasted to perfection and we’ll-proportioned to the size of the patty. I was in near burger heaven. Now, onto fix #2 which I will preface with this: I 100% understand the nearly impossible economics facing restaurants in the city ... that being said, you cannot serve any respectable burger without fries and you CERTAINLY cannot charge $9 for a less than generous dish as a side. It’s a bad move for all parties involved and I’d really like to see that change. Fries are high margin... increase the total meal amount and put the two together, but please do not keep them separate and charge an egregious amount for a small serving. Not okay. All thing considered... Rating: 4.4 Buns ... with those changes, you’re looking at a real prime time burger. #burger #cheesburger #foodporn #nyc #cheese #hungry
Here’s the beauty myself and the Burger Queen tag teamed to create this afternoon... Pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, special sauce and *surprise* ... a nice, refreshing side of strawberries. Check out my story for the step-by-step process. Enjoy the weekend, friends! #burger #cheeseburger #foodporn #narrowsburg #catskills #eeeeeats #alltheburgers
I have to couch this review with the fact that all of the food was extremely good and as fresh as it gets ... from the anchovy toast, to the ricotta and honey, to the beets with pistachio yogurt, the execution on such a wide variety of dishes made for an exciting meal... that is, until I ate the burger (sad face). Everything is wrong with it. Cheap bun, onions that were too sweet to be called caramelized, to a sauce that was so tangy and overpowering that I simply couldn’t tell you whether or not the beef was quality. It’s just a sad miss from an otherwise great restaurant. Rating: 2.0 Buns @colonienyc I love you, and I would like to work with you on making this a great burger. #burger #foodporn #cheeseburger #food #brooklyn
Looking for a heavy burger at brunch that isn’t incredible, but definitely satisfying enough to put you into a happy little early afternoon coma? Look no further than the Heights Burger - gruyere cheese, smoked bacon and caramelized onions. This one could definitely benefit from a more lightweight bun to even everything out, but overall, I’m not complaining. Rating: 3.0 Buns #burger #burgerporn #foodporn #cheese #cheeseburger #brooklyn #brooklynheights
This is the first In-N-Out Burger I’ve had in around 15 years, and obviously the first one I’ve rated, bc thank goodness they didn’t have Instagram when I was in high school. This burger is so polarizing given the chain’s solid western half of the US stance on expansion. To me, it’s fairly straight forward. The Double Burger is an upgraded version of the Big Mac. It most definitely is fast food and not slightly elevated like a Shake Shack Burger and it most definitely would be a major guilty pleasure for me if I lived here. That being said, a good friend (grew up West Coast) said “It’s an acquired taste that gets better each time.” I can see that. For my first time, I really enjoyed it, but can’t say it’s in the pantheon of best burgers. Rating: 3.51 Buns (And no, I did not order off the secret menu... next time!) #cheeseburger #burgerporn #foodporn #cheese #innout #california #westcoast
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